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12-10-2007, 11:16 PM
i have found a lot of good info on icmag.com...

from Gypsy's site...
Originally Posted by Pactivist
Well mine has been sitting long enough - so now i need to get it out of my press.
gonna need some tools -
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0496-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0496.JPG)
these are the ones that i use, a hammer, a small bolt, a drift punch, and a knife(a little later)
first remove the press from the c-clamp
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0497-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0497.JPG)
now you are going to need to remove the top bolt - the only method i have is to hit it with a hammer a couple of times and wiggle it out.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0498-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0498.JPG)
then i take a smaller bolt - one that will fit through the opening where the ratchet attaches to the socket. i then put the entire thing back into the c-clamp.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0500-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0500.JPG)
and use the force of the c-clamp to get my hash bits moving, when i have pushed the hash almost to the end of the socket, i remove it from the c-clamp, and use a drift punch and a hammer to finish driving it out.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0501-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0501.JPG)
after it's out,

http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0502-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0502.JPG)

http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0503-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0503.JPG)
i clean my press with a knife,
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0505-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0505.JPG)

http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0506-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0506.JPG)
and these little "hash crumbs" are my bonus - i smoke these immediately.
and finally the finished product - notice the bottom chunk - we've been smoking the hell out of it.

http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0504-thumb.JPG (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/973100_0504.JPG)
We can't help it, this hash kicks ass!!
well that's my method, any comments? suggestions for improvement?

I would like to say - I use a 3/4" socket, but there is absolutely no reason not to use a larger or smaller socket depending on your needs, the key would be that you need a very tight fit between the socket and the bolts that you are going to use.
good luck, stay safe,


or something like this...

Originally Posted by Butte
Well, I finally got a couple uploaded only to have it go out on me again. Anyway, here's the finished press and a couple one ounce slabs...

http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/9125DSC03024-01.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/9125DSC03024-01.jpg) http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/9125DSC03030-01.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/9125DSC03030-01.jpg)

- Butte


those should help a bit.


12-10-2007, 11:17 PM
Originally Posted by Pipedream
Those that know me, realize that I seldom post. Iím not one for throwing stuff out there just for a reaction. If you have something of value to contribute to a thread you should post it, but if you donít, just browse, read, and learn. As such, this is only the third thread that Iíve started on IC. The other two, my personal-grow thread (see link in signature), and the 150wHPS Club, have both become active ďStickysĒ. Itís my hope that this new thread will offer valuable information as well, and potentially save readers a big chunk of change and a lot of aggravation.

As a medical user, Iíve found that processing my herb into pieces of hash has many advantages. It will store for very long periods of time (years), consistent dosing is easier, there is no degradation of the quality as a result of long-term storage, it burns very evenly, is very easy to transport, and various other factors as well.

The issue is, the equipment available for pressing herb or its resin into hash can be expensive, large and cumbersome, work poorly, or is so small that it is difficult to operate for someone with reduced hand-strength. There are also numerous DIY units that can be made from plumbing items, but the quality just isnít there and not everyone is up to the challenge. Up to now, the best compromise has been a press known as the Piecemakerģ.

http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815700_Piecemaker-thumb.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815700_Piecemaker.jpg) THEIRS-$300 vs. MINE-$20 http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/81570A_The_Ultimate-thumb.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/81570A_The_Ultimate.jpg)

Theirs is a true quality item, however, you must be willing to hand over almost $300 U.S. and share your personal info on-line to order one.

Alternatively, here is a simple solution that easily makes perfect hash, is readily available, easy to operate, requires no assembly, looks very professional, and can be had on sale for under 20 bucks U.S. The item I am suggesting is a Makinísģ Professional Ultimate Clay Extruder. Thatís right, available at most larger craft stores, and designed to work with fimo-clay, this item makes the perfect personal hash press. In fact, it looks almost identical to the $300 Piecemakerģ just a bit smaller and less than 1/10th the price!

So, instead of me writing more about the unit itself, why donít I just show you how it can make perfect Black Tar Hash, or any other type that you may fancyÖÖÖ

My unit came packaged like this with 20 different extruding disks.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815701_Packaged.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815701_Packaged.jpg)
Unless you are planning on making beads and decorations, dump everything except the Press and the two disks with the smallest round holes.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815702_Press_Disks.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815702_Press_Disks.jpg)
As you can see from this disassembled shot, this is a quality item that will be easy to clean and even has an ďO-RingĒ around the brass ram.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815703_Exploded.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815703_Exploded.jpg)
The actual process goes like this. Place both disks in the end-cap. The one with the smaller hole should be on top so to be closest to the hash being made.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815704_Two_Disks.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815704_Two_Disks.jpg)
If you are going to use un-sifted plant matter, make sure it is fully covered with glands, and ground as fine as possible.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815705_Material_Prep.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815705_Material_Prep.jpg)
For this demo, Iíll use my favorite measure, which is 1.1 grams of the finest material I have.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815706_Measuring.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815706_Measuring.jpg)
Now unscrew the plunger and fill the tube with the desired amount of product you want to use.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815707_Loading.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815707_Loading.jpg)
Also, another step I take which is totally not necessary is to insert 2 US dimes. One in the cap and one against the plunger.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815708_Loaded_w_Dime.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815708_Loaded_w_Dime.jpg)
This will make a perfect impression on the surface of my finished hash, much like a trademark.

Now screw on the end-cap and turn the plunger down until its nice and snug. DONĒT OVER-TIGHTEN IT!
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815709_Tighten.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815709_Tighten.jpg)
Now we'll continue to tightenit in steps. It will work much better and remember that this is an aluminium unit we donít want to destroy it. Once it nice and snug, wait 30 seconds and give it another 1/8th turn. Now repeat the "30 second wait and 1/8th turn" process about six times.

This final step will put a shinny sealed surface on your hash that will protect it from falling apart or loss of potency for years to come. Using a hair-dryer, small space-heater, or other safe heat source, warm up the end of your press.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815710_Apply_Heat.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815710_Apply_Heat.jpg)
Slowly keep rotating the unit as a whole. This will assure that the heat is evenly distributed. It should get very, very warm, but not so hot that you canít touch it. While keeping it warmed, repeat the "1/8th turn and 30 second wait" process about five more times.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815711_Re-Tighten.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815711_Re-Tighten.jpg)
The hotter you get it, the darker and denser your end product will be.

To remove your hash, allow the unit to cool to room temperature. Then back off the ram a turn or two. Unscrew the end-cap, and turn the ram all the way down pushing the hash out.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815712_Extract_Hash.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815712_Extract_Hash.jpg)

After each days use, fully disassemble & clean the unit with ISO alcohol and allow to air-dry.

Hereís a sample piece that I made with the impression of the dime.
http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815713_Tar_Hash.jpg (http://www.icmag.com/gallery/data/500/815713_Tar_Hash.jpg)

Keep this in mind, the better the quality of your starting material, and the finer its ground, the less heat and pressure it will require to hold together. If you choose to use pure sifted glands, virtually no heat will be required. And, if your material is not as good as you wish it was, adding one drop of ISO or Olive Oil per gram of material inside the press will help it hold together better.

Thatís about it. Good luck & get pressing. If you have any questions or comments Iíd love to hear them so post away or send me a PM.

Grow Smart & Grow Safe

thanks to pipedream, pactivist, and butte!

12-10-2007, 11:55 PM
thanks for the info Sleepy

I have a place online that has presses for sale for $28 - small , $38 - large , and $75 - super size USD ,,, I have a few small ones , but just letting people know they are out there , I won't post the addy here , wih resepct to this site , but can PM anyone the addy that wants to check the site out.

also a Sweetleaf dealer , this guy I met in A Dam , and he has a small site with a few interesting things for sale

Kif it Kunta
12-16-2007, 03:01 PM
Use a hash press if you want to....but many experienced growers who make hash smoke their resin unpressed.

I fail to understand why anyone would want to press their hash.....especially decent quality resin..unless you are processing tons of ganja in hash for commercial distribution..the only advantage of pressing resin is that it is more compact and easier to package and transport

unpressed dry sift smokes cooler, burns better and you use less so it lasts longer than pressed resin.

every time you handle, package or press resin heads into a solid form you lose a little

try this...next time you make some hash.....divide it into two equal piles....press one pile and leave the other pile unpressed, unruptured and loose....smoke them and see which pile goes further and smokes better..then throw away your hash presses

and why use a metal press anyway...if you want to form loose resin in a hash then simply use your thumb, your opposite palm and a little bit pressure

if your resin doesn't readily form into a putty, with one , two three hard presses into your palm then that nature's way of telling you there is way too much non-active contaminants in with the resin heads..and you should used a finer mesh, a more gentle action, stopped kiffing a few minutes earlier or used better starting material.

12-18-2007, 01:01 AM
While homemade this isn't really a cheap press. The steel & welding for the frame were free, but the pump handle & 50 ton cylinder were about 500 each. This thing will do about 6000 psi. The mould I had done in a machine shop, I tried making one myself but wasn't happy with it, I wanted something that looked nicer, with sharper edges & stuff.

BTW, I don't press anything I keep for myself, but just about everyone else wants it pressed.
On a side note about the strange things people want, I'll probably ask about it in a thread in the near future, I have requests to press up hash that has been mixed with thick black iso oil. If anyone has ideas on how to accomplish this on a large scale without making a huge sticky mess let me know...

12-18-2007, 03:20 AM
Hey ftw good to see ya posting on the boards man. I look forward to the things to come.

thanks for the post sleepy i appreciate it. I personaly don't press my hash very often either, but its nice to have a place to come and see a thread thats got some methods for you to learn when do need to press your hash>

Hey kif it kunta, i think that for personal use a lot of people dont' press anymore, but thats still not the majority of people that WANT HASH. Here in canada, unpressed hash is near impossible to sell, compared to the same hash pressed into blocks. Mostly cause thats how people were trained to recognize hash, thats how they like it. To each their own.
feel free to start a thread with your own methods.

Bubble man

Twisted 1
08-17-2008, 03:57 AM
Very nice pics FTW!!

09-10-2008, 07:10 PM
that's a nice brick of hash you got there.

07-13-2010, 06:12 PM
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Green Supreme
07-13-2010, 07:03 PM
2 posts, 2 sales pitches. Good powder should press in your hand. Peace GS