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12-15-2008, 07:29 AM
Yo Good morning peeps.
On Thursday I had a run with wet trim and did we have some fun. My mate droped the last bag in the water and my kitchen wes covered in green water lol.
Any how the hash looked quite green as a lump of wet hash, but took on a lighter colour as it dried out and as i choped it up.
By the morning it was rock hard and I could no longer chop without pinging bits every where.
Saturday I made some more but with dry trim. the end results I think were much better, well less green. As the afternoon progressed i chopped and dried and chopped some more. I am well pleased with this hash it looks almost like bubbleman's hash.
Quick question Is dry trim better than wet trim the reason I ask is my wet trim hash was well green and the dry trim was not so green?
Pics to follow if the bubbles don't get me lol
mastergrow :-)

12-15-2008, 03:23 PM
The first question I think anyone will ask is: How are you mixing?
The second question: How long are you mixing?

In my own experience (and anyone feel free to add thier 2 cents) I find that fresh frozen trim makes better hash than dry frozen trim. The thing we are trying to do is agitate the mix enuff to knock off and collect the trichomes, while at the same time not pulverizing the vegative matter too much. Dry trim breaks up into tiny particulate much easier than wet trim, and so adds more contaminant to the hash. Mixing methods come into play here. Worst is the paint mixer attachment on a drill, with a cake mixer right behind it, both will pulverize the mix quite a bit, and the smaller stuff will find its way into yer hash. The absolute purists will stir by hand with a wooden spoon (good workout) which introduces the least amount of contaminant. A Bubblenow machine is the cat's meow; I used to use a drill and paint mixer, with the machine it almost seems like cheating. It makes better hash, in less time, with less work. Mixing times affect quality. Short mixing makes less contaminat and better hash, but a lower yield. I'm settling on a 6 minute mix for the good hash, then a 12-15 min mix to get the rest out of the mash. Some do a 3 min mix for super melty stuff. Hope all of this helps some.

Puff puff pass.

12-15-2008, 04:21 PM
wet trim run paint mixer 10-15 mins alot green
dry trim run stick 5mins filter best colour hash
Then again 10-15 mins stick a little green
No complaints tho on the effect......
I'm sure the final product will improve as my technique improves....