View Full Version : Mini T5 SOG

02-11-2009, 09:14 PM
After reading Dr. Bud's threads, and seeing some of the results, im considering throwing together a stealth mini T5 cab, and using the rewards for making bubble. I'm coming from a high wattage hydro cab, and ive got a couple questions, if you all dont' mind.

Firstly, in Dr. buds method he restricts root mass to keep size minimal, is there any downside to using coco and not soil? I realize that he believes any system that introduces nutrients when watering to be hydro, but it would seem to me that dwc and coco/peat have major differences in the amount of water uptake and therefore the water swollen cells created in his example may not hold true for peat/coco, and i have tons of it laying around which would be convieniant to use for this.

I also have a 2' mini 4 bulb 125W HO T5 light from a bonsai mother room which is not in use currently. I was considering supplimenting this further with a 2' 24W HO t5 strip, and piggybacking them together for 150W of t5. What are the differences in PAR between CFLs and T5s? I was envisioning almost a solid ceiling in the grow box of t5 bulbs, seemed like something that might work with this SOG method.

Any thoughts?