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02-25-2009, 07:23 PM
Ok, so I finally got my bags (yaaaaaaay) 5 gallon 4 bag kit, and I ran into a problem... Well... not so much a problem, as a little bit of confusion - sry no pictures, but my camera is broken :( - next time

I ran 200g of dry shake and buds. I used an adjustable speed drill with a paint mixer attachment. I did 2 runs on the stuff, one mix for 10 minutes on the lowest drill setting, and then the second mix like 2 speed levels up on the drill for 15 minutes.

I get thru pulling all the bags, use the drying screen, put the stuff on some cardboard and break it up, then every 2-3 hours i broke it up more and stirred it . Since i live in a ridiculously dry climate exaggerated even more by stupid winter, after about 14 hours the stuff was pretty much a bone dry dust with a few tiny chunks like 1mm in size. So i decided i would try to figure out what my best little pile was.

So I press a little of the FIRST RUN 73 and the 25, and both of them press pretty easily by hand, and both have a little bit of surface bubble.

then I pressed a little bit of the SECOND RUN 73 and 25, the second run 73 bag was pretty decent, I'd say the quality is similar to that of the first run 73

It was when i pressed the SECOND RUN 25 pile that the confusion arrived. the second run of 25 pressed AMAZINGLY easy, like way easier than any of the other stuff, and it got way darker way faster than the other piles. So I tore a little bit off, and held a lighter to it, and it boils and melts like crazy. It still leaves a fair bit of ash in the bowl but its definatly the closest out of all my piles that i got to full melt

Sooo yeah, basically my question is how is it that the second run which was mixed for 15 minutes on drill setting 3 is higher quality than the first run which was mixed for 10 minutes on drill setting 1? - and no there is no way I mixed up the piles, I had everything well labeled, and the quantities were different enough to tell the difference in the sizes of the piles

As for the 160u bag, it was fairly full, and not even that green, its easily pressable by hand, but obviously not nearly as easy as the 73 or the 25, and obviously no hint of bubbling. I'll prolly end up turning the 160u stuff into Rosin, see how much full melt i can get out of it.

I ended up getting just under an oz (like 27g) from 200g (13.5% yeild) including the 2 160u piles which i think were like 4.5g. I'm guessing the 4.5g of 160u will yeild around 1-1.5g of rosin (i hope) which would bring the total yeild down to 24g (12%)

12% yeild including a little bit of really melty stuff, plus soon to have some full melt rosin, not bad for a first run

Thanks b-man, you rock, and you put the other sets of bags i have used to shame (on my buddies set of knock off bags, the 220u bag's seam ripped open on his first run - cant think of the name of them off hand, but the bags are all black, and they look like they should be relativly high quality)

ill try to get a camera together and post pics of what i ended up with after i make that 160u into rosin

thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

02-25-2009, 07:54 PM
The first possiblity that comes to mind is that the bags may have been in the incorrect order on 1 or both runs. The second (and more likely) is that the material wasn't fully chilled before the first mix, by the time the second mix happened, the heads were much more brittle and easily broken off, so more were collected in the second mixing cycle.

Just a note on drying..... I live in a semi-desert climate exacerbated by exteremely cold winters as well, and it still takes at least 3 days drying time. Bubblehash that is not fully dry will appear melty when you burn it, but it sizzles and pops because there is actually still water in it at a microscopic level. Try letting it sit out on the cardboard drying for 3-4 days, then do your test again.

Also, there is really no need to press your hash unless transporting it or smuggling it. Pressing bursts and bruises the trich heads, letting out the valuable oils, bubblehash stores better, and is easier to dish out hits with if left in a powder form, also get the best melt pics that way.

I used a drill and paint mixer for a couple years, and IMO it is the worst way to mix your hash batches because it beats the material too much and a lot of contaminant gets into your hash. The cake mixer method is slightly better. Better yet is the Bubblenow machine, which makes way better hash in way less time with much less effort, a no brainer for me. The purest bubblehash comes from a hand mixing with wooden spoons, but requires the most dedication and effort. My Bubblenow has paid for itself over and over again since I got it. If it were to completely blow up tomorrow, I would have another on order that same day. Yes, the machine is that good (for me, IMO).

Hope some of this helps. Glad to have another hashmaker on the site, welcome.

02-25-2009, 08:11 PM
Hrmm, well I dont know if it woulda been the cold, as the shake was in the freezer for..... months before the first run (the bottom of the bag was white with crystal and stalks it had been in there and been moved around for so long), and while it was waiting for the second run, it was just sitting in a bag in my bathtub with the ice from the first run sitting in it. - Maybe alot of the first runs crystal was just stuck in the top already broke off, just wrapped in leaf? Should I maybe spray out whats in the 220u bag with more water into the next bag?

I'm also 99.9% sure I had all the bags in the correct order on both runs, but who knows, maybe I spaced out.

As for the drying time, yeah I noticed the sizzle when I first finished pulling the bags and trying a little right away after breaking it up on the cardboard. after the 14 hours it didn't sizzle or spit at all and its like literally 90% dust. Either way, I just pressed a bit of it, just what i was gunna be using, the rest is still on the cardboard, as per the instructions :D

I had planned on using an cooking mixer, but alas, a drill was all I had at the time - I may consider getting a bubblenow, but before I do that I would want to get a few more bags first. Probably the 120 and the 90, would that be what you guys recommend? - btw is it possible to get another one of those cool little carrying cases? 8 bags obviously doesnt fit in the case that came with my 4 bag kit. I dont see the case on the store so i was just wondering. Another thing i was wondering is if there is a 4 bag kit to compliment the origonal kit for ppl who already bought the standard 4 bag kit - as in can a person buy the 45, 90, 120, and 190 bags in a kit for the same price as the standard 4 bag kit. (damn i wish i had just bought the 8 bag kit when i ordered it origonally lol) - I'll probably end up getting my setup up to 8 bags with a 5 gallon bubble now - Is it possible to order the 5 gallon bubble now 4 bag value kit and switch the standard 220, 160, 73, and 25 bags with the 190, 120, 90, and 45 bags?

so what do u for storage of the powder if you don't press it? just put in tupperware in the freezer?

Thanks for the quick reply YBG - I loved your hash experiments thread by the way

02-26-2009, 06:03 AM
Yoooo that same thing happened to me a while back. I am positive my bags were in correctly also. I did 2 runs (I mix by hand with a wooden spoon) and the 2nd run came out way better. It tasted, smelled, and smoked better than the first run. It was also much darker and oiler. I couldn't believe it. As a matter of fact, I made a post on here about it a really long time ago, but I don't feel like looking for it ha.