View Full Version : What do you listen to your music through ???

03-09-2009, 12:53 AM
This is my 1st thread here at the hideout so i thought i would try to make it interesting.
From a boy my dad has always encouraged me to buy good quality Hi/Fi equipment, at the time when everyone want 1000's of watts i only had 125 :( and where as everyone had nice new shiney stuff i had 20 year old 3rd hand stuff. I understood that it sounded better but it looked like it came out of the ark. Then in school one day after much arguing a boy convinced me to take a puff out of a can pipe wich had upon it some hash, this was the 1st time i ever smoked cannabis :). The affect was quite pleasing and the afternoon flew by with giggles and crisps. ( quite alot happend during the afternoon, but thats a sotry for another time hehe )
On ariving home i went up to my room turned the ark on and put a record on the deck and walked and sat down, it was then did i finaly understand where my dad was comming from and i found out what high fidelity was all about. Up until that point i had only ever banged music out of my turntables, I had never sat and properly listend to what was comming out of the speakers, due to the fact i was extremely stoned i didnt have much of a choice hehe :).
Now 10 years later and i still find my self getting very stoned, sitting in the same spot still listening :) I have encouraged all my freinds to invest in nice sounding hi fi systems and all of them are hooked on the same high fidelity buzz. Which brings me to the question, What do you listen to your music through ? If your a smoker and have never heard a true Hi/Fi system then please please make it your buisness to book an apointment at a local dealer for a demonstration, and take your favourite CD i will bet my left leg you will be amased at what you hear.

So, What do you listen to your music through ?

I have :
Kef speakers
Cyrus Amp
Chord cables
M-Audio 24/96 audiophile sound card