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06-01-2009, 06:33 AM
Hi folks.

I'm new to hash making, I will be having my first shot at the bubble bags next weekend. Much of the info I need I already have thanks to this site and tomorrow night, I will be going to a friends place who has an ADSL connection (I'm still on dial up lol) and watching bubblemans demonstration on Pot TV. That may well answer the rest of my questions but I was wondering.. I've harvested my plants and now have a ton of trim and popcorn in the freezer. I binned most of the biggest fan leaves which had gone yellow from flushing so its mostly smaller leaves, sugar leaf and popcorn. Should I chop this up before processing or leave as is?

P.S. Is bubblemans Tutorial at the Tokers Bowl on PotTV the best video to watch? If someone could post the URL for the best instructional video, I'd be a happy chap.


06-01-2009, 10:33 AM
The more you chop
The more plant matter you get into the final product
If you run threw with nugs then your going wto get a very pure full melt
If not and you decide to go full powder grind then you will get a more green less pure hash but with alot more weigth than the first step

So its basically your decision

06-04-2009, 12:33 PM
Less chopping better for quality it seems.. Anyway I watched Hashbeans video of bubbleman in Amsterdam, good video.. I'd like to see the Pot TV one but cant get it working for some reason. The main thing I seemed to get out of the video was be gentle so as not to break too many trich's.

With this info I now plan on hand mixing and doing 2 or 3 runs. My question is how much plant matter is ideal or most efficient for the 20 litre (5gal??) bags? I've got maybe half pound wet frozen leaf and popcorn or roughly a grocery bag full, this ok for 1 batch or split it in two? I heard something on that video about 200g max but that may have been for the bubblenow machine.