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06-06-2009, 05:51 AM

Last night, I made bubble for the first time, with a helping hand from a mate :) :) I think I did ok. No pictures this time I'm afraid but I'll see if I can organise them for my next run. Now I'll give you all a little run down to see if I can improve.

First of all it looks like I've got plenty of chances over the coming weeks to improve my technique as I've still got a shit load of trim left. I thought I had half pound but my mate brought some scales around, turns out I had just over 1Kg of sugar leaf and popcorn in the freezer (fresh frozen, no wonder it took 8 hours to trim last week lol) So I took the knowledge from this site and did 1 batch (2 runs on 200g of frozen wet trim). Now when they say 200g for the 20litre bags (5gallon) does that mean wet or dry? Just curious.. But yeah, going on that it means I still have enough for 4 more batches :)

Now to the run down.
Unknown strain used. Was a clone off a mates outdoor crop I grew out in my hydro (grown in canna coco coir), seems to have a lot of sativa in it (stretched a fair bit, thin leaves, took a while to finish). The trim was frozen for 5 days, used 200g wet frozen. 20 litre (5gal) 8 bag bubblebag kit the weapon of choice and I hand stirred with a wooden spoon both runs. I used a party bag of Ice from the bottle shop and filtered tap water (same as I use for my grow). Both runs I mixed the work bag in a seperate bucket to the rest, drained the work bag then poured the liquid into the other bags and let sit for about 20 minutes before extracting.

First run:
I hand stirred vigorously for 10 minutes, enough to make me sweat and go red in the face, there wasn't alot of foam but some. I mostly used two hands and stirred in a circular motion, stopping occasionally to scoop the bottom and edges up. I drained the work bag and ran some cold water over it as it was draining to get any extras out.
I then poured the mixture into the bags let sit for 20 minutes.
When pulling each bag out, I used some cold water to try and get the hash to collect roughly in the centre. Then turned inside out over a bowl and scooped with a spoon. Any small residues I washed back into the bucket.
Once extracted I lightly patted them on the pressing screen and moved them over to the cardboard for chopping.

Second run: Pretty much the same but my mate mixed for 10 minutes while I was chopping the last lot then I took over for 10 min so 20 minutes hand stirring total.
Extracted exactly the same as the first one, maybe perfected scraping it out a little better ;)
Patted and dried the on the cardboard for chopping just as the last run.

I have not weighed any of the hash yet, I may do so once its dried but quantity is not my main objective.
The first run to me looks the best. There was very little in the first bags and bugger all in the 90 bag. The 73,45 and 25 by far had the most in this lot with the 45 having the most. The 45 also looks the best but we'll see, I have't smoked it yet ;)
The first few bags right up to the 90 bag were very green :( but the 73 onwards were more of a grey/brown colour when wet and seem to be turning brown as they dry. The 73 looks slightly golden as it dries. The 25 is very oily.

The second run is green. Even the 73 45 and 25 are quite green. The second run yielded alot more in the first few bags, like waaaay more than the first run. Got slightly more 73 in this one going by eye but about the same in the 45. Alot more 25 in this one. All of it is green to some degree though. The finer grades are obvioulsy less green but they are still more green than I've seen on photos of fullmelt and definatly more green than the first run. When compared to the first run, it looks very different.
The green hash suprised me, no electrical mixing was used and the plant matter was fresh and frozen, did we just mix too hard?? I mean I'm a pretty powerful bloke ;) lol but really it was only elbow grease used in these mixes.

Smoke report:
I have not smoked any of the drying hash grades, I did however scrape the spoon and some other tools I used and smoked it straight up last night after the clean up. Bit wet so didn't smoke too well but fuck me did it get us stoned :) Makes me kind of exited about the hash. I have never had much experience with hash though, it rare as hens teeth around these parts, plenty of bud but the amount of times I smoked hash I could count on 1 hand and the last hash I smoked was butane extracted. I've got a feeling this stuff is going to blow me away be it full melt or not :) I'll keep you all posted on how it goes. Stay tuned for my next batch, with a bit of luck I'll organise a camera, otherwise it may have to be phone shots.

Peace, Bloodshot eyes..

06-06-2009, 06:01 AM
Sick can't wait to hear about it.

Get some pics!

06-06-2009, 08:32 AM
was the second run the material from the first? or fresh? 20 min sounds like a long time. im a newby to this all but i go 8min on the first spin and 5 on the second.

06-06-2009, 04:03 PM
I short run for 5-6 minutes, then long run (if I'm bothering) for 10-15 min. It is not unusual for the second run to have more green in it. Short mix for quality, long mix for quantity. The absolute best mixing method for purity is a hand mix with wooden spoons. The best mixing method overall in my opinion is the bubblenow machine. It makes better hash, with less mess, and less effort, a no brainer for myself.

PS. Anything extracted by a solvent (such as butane) is not hash, it is oil, perhaps in a solidified form, but oil none the less. We only speak of hash here; dry sifted or ice/water extracted, pressed or unpressed, hashish.

06-08-2009, 03:56 AM

The second run was the leaf from the first DNRDustin. Next batch I'll hand mix for 5 minutes and see how that turns out, might even stir a little more gently. Smoked some last night, tried the 45 and the 73 from the first run. The 73 is actually the better stuff, had maybe three hits last night and I still feel a bit sketchy, powerful stuff. Probably do another batch this week sometime, try and get some photos going ;)