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06-15-2009, 04:02 PM
HEllo all !!!!!

i am new to this site, obviously !! i was told about this site from some reliable sources, and in my initial scan i liked it. so here i am ready to contribute . in full disclosure im not much of a resin connoisseur... dont get me wrong i love Bubble hash , honey oil , dry sift and the likes ....all A+ but ive never spent the cash on the equipment to make it my self , that is soon to change.

As the title says i was brought to this site by the THC Expo in LA. i was walking around cheacking out all the stuff, which there was a ton of stoner shit to look at. When some one yells from a booth "theres the guy" ....and points right at me >>> i kinda thought "who me " and then he yeild" take that shirt off " refering to the Seed boutique / Icmag shirt i was wearing ..... i kinda laughed and said why ....."cuz of that Rez dog shit" ( i dont really know what hes talking about so if someone could enlighten me that would be awsome) , "here put this shirt on its better, cover that up" !!!!!"...... now mind you i have no real arrguments with IC or the Boo they have provided seeds to me for many years , i dont get much into the politics. i was really only wearing the shirt cause i got it free with some seeds and i was at a THC expo , come on gotta represent my thread if another ICer came along.
so i guess its kinda cool a free shirt got me another free shirt >>>>>>which i must admit is way better !!!! thanks mystery dude , and hello to all

i must apologize as well i cant remember the names of the guys at the booth .... they seemed really cool dudes . the reason for that is it was really loud in there and i have very bad hearing (60 % def) and im bad with new names. as they introduced themselve one just happened to be closer to me and i reconized his name JOEShmOE that was exciting for me. i was gifted some of his Moemist beans from a mutual friend we have .. so it was awsome to meet the dude who made one of my favorite plants ..and the rest representing the bubble bag crew good to meet you all too ...

any ways hello all once again im gonna start hanging around and lurkin for a bit maybe ill start a little grow thread

peace :smoke1:

Kif it Kunta
06-16-2009, 02:57 PM
great first post JACK!

tell us more about the Expo, we're all ears!

was there a big cop presence outside the expo?

what did the Bubblebag booth have on show? was Bubbleman there too?

any vaping going on inside the expo itself? probably not, but I bet the carpark was a fog machine!

was it an expo to show case products or just a market and everyone was into selling retail?

see any those new Iolites (small sized potable vaporizers that run on butane) getting sipped on? I haven't tried one yet, but a friend said they are fantastic..I'll get to try one out soon.

06-16-2009, 05:40 PM
I'd love to see that Iolite, heard they're great too

06-16-2009, 09:17 PM
Kif it Kunta>>>>>> thanks man !!!

well the expo was really cool they had so much stuff there it really was quite overwhelming. walking through the door i didnt realize how big it really was untill i got walking around ....man it was big there was a shit load of stuff ..there was a hemp museum set up with all kinds of cool shit ..tons of cool bong companies .. i didnt see the bubbleman there .. but the booth had alotta stuff set up equipment and such ....all in all i would say it had a wide variety of cannabis products but wasnt all about retail it also had a free speech area were poeple were puting on speeches and a class set up by the oaksterdam university .......as well as seed banks and nute companies .... i bought some awseome coffee there it is soo good

the police i didnt see any just security if they where there they wernt wearing uniforms ... which was pretty cool

people were not allowed to vap or smoke inside but everyone looked pretty medicated ..... and walking up to the front outside enterance was like a taste testing of all kinds of kind nugs burning in the air .... so outside was a different thing

LittleBigToke>>>> sup man :)

06-16-2009, 09:40 PM
hey jack....sorry i didn't get a chance to hang out more....i just got back to my parents house from the expo, i'll be heading home tonight and will upload many pics and vids, of the booth....there was defintly security there, but they were super low key...we puffed a little in the booth, but mostly went outside...bubbleman was not there at the booth. it was me, Joeshmoe and razz, there was a cpl cats from the Cali Connection who came and hung out on sunday...look out for a complete post and highlights coming either tonight or tommorow...sorry about the no live feed...there was miscommunications, and the only available inet was super, super slow, but got some great vids and pics, i'll be posting soon....thanks for everyone who came out...

06-16-2009, 10:11 PM
looking forward to some pics, vids fullmeltbubble.

cheers Mozz