View Full Version : TerraCycle Organic Nutrients

02-23-2008, 02:04 AM
TerraCycle is a worm-casting compost tea that they've started selling in retail stores.
They use recycled bottles (20oz. and 2l).

I've gotta say, I've loved what these guys have been doing with their business, and I've tested some of their products myself.

It was exciting to hear that they were being featured on CNBC, but when you watch the 4th video clip in this link: (http://www.cnbc.com/id/19350718) you'll laugh you're ass off.

The owner of the business describes how they were inspired by some Cannabis growers in Canada who found that using worm castings worked the best for them.

Overall, I'd recommend buying this product if you're interested in organics and want to see what a fit worm-casting tea should act like in your garden. After you realize how nice they are, you should invest in making your own worm castings.

Just as the guy states, worms create their own body mass in castings each day, and they multiply every 90 days. The stuff can be free and plentiful, easily.

Raw worm castings are very mild, which makes them an excellent soil amendment. There are many factors which help it regulate and stabilize pH. Not to mention, loads of beneficial bacteria.