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10-16-2009, 09:40 PM

I think it would be nice to know:

- trichomes size by strains
Generally, indica's glands has bigger heads with a smaller stalk than sativas, but some exact measurements and examples would be great imo.

- trichomes size by ripeness (by color)
Generally, amber heads are the biggest, followed by milky and transparent heads, but it'd be nice to know the difference.

- trichomes head size vs. stalk ratio
Might be useful for identification, or for diagnostic purpuoses.

- the size of a gland that really goes through the sieve of different bags. eg. what is the size of the glands you can find in the bags.

Measurements with a microscope is easy with a stage micrometer. It's a microscope slide with fine divisions engraved in it. Usually comes with 5-10 micron divisions.

One can place the glands directly on the stage micrometer and compare the divisions with the glands, or make a photograph of the stage, and use it as a ruler.
There are freeware softwares that can calculate the pixels between two divisions, then measure anything else on an other picture made with the same resolution and objective.

I assume the same can be done with those supermacro cameras, you have to take a picture of the gland, then use the same focus and setting and take a picture of a stage micrometer. Then you just have to compare the two pictures.

A cool freeware program is Imagej:

Some tutorials:

Measuring the usual way:

Lots of gorgeous photos here, it'd be nice to see a scale bar on some of them.