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05-19-2008, 05:06 PM
No pics of the process this time, just results. This is all from trim from my M1 including the 'Mutant Momma' from my earlier thread. Hash came out nice and zoomy.

05-19-2008, 07:40 PM
Dont let wet paddies sit on the cardboard. Cut those up immidiately when they are still freshly wet. This allows the hash to not bind, and break up much easier. YOu can see in your second photo that the botton right ie 25u, is in larger chunks ( this is about the only grade of bubble you can get away with doing this with> The 25u actualy will dry in small chunks, but its the rareity and if you try it with your other grades, you will have disapointment. The heads are much smaller on the 25u hash and thus allows much less moisture to sit between the heads. THink of it like a bowl of marbles, if the marbles are huge, they will leave more space between them for water to fill. WHere as if they are tiny, they will leave less.
Ie bottom line of what im saying. when you GENTLY PRESS. hell lets change that whole word, when you gently dab out the excess moisture from the bubble using the dabbing screen, ie pressing screen. Use a towel or a shammy on either side of the screen, to absorb the excess water that comes out. ONce you have it in paddy form, now you can chop it up> the harder you press in that screen the more likely your chunks will be larger. When you leave more water in the paddy, it just falls apart under a knife. This is how i get my bubble into powder.

Bubble man

05-20-2008, 06:11 AM
I think perhaps you are right that I pressed these last few batches in the screen a bit much before seperation. They definately bound. I have 'pressed' less in the past to leave a wet paste, and then put it thru a metal sieve to get a nice consistent powder to dry. I was smoking this batch too soon to worry about it much, in fact its nearly gone now. :) Also in this drier climate and higher altitude, it seems to dry out quite well even in smaller chunks as pictured, when left to open air.