View Full Version : 1st Bubble FunRun

BiG H3rB Tr3E
05-31-2008, 05:51 AM
well.. UPS normaly deliver around 4-5 but they get special delivery @ 420... and lucky for I caus mah tunes wahs thumpn and a song came on i no like so i get up to change em,,, and i hear ding ding... hrmm its 4:20 so i is figurn it would be a fellow smokn companion much to a pleasurable suprise i open door to ups man w. mah package.. told me he almost left to caus i didnt come for soo long and wit it be friday the package wouldv stayed ups hub all weekend... either way jus finished up with hash run...

first time i document a hash run... had to say very impressed w. quality of bags and the customer service was great... all in all very pleased with results...

i will add tha picturs up tomorrow when i get more energy... i earned my bho treat for the day so im goin go destroy my head and get som good sleep..

keep it ez.BhT