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04-11-2010, 01:02 PM
Why offer 2 day shipping if your just gonna send it standard shipping?

I purchased a product from FMG and selected 2 day air.... paid for 2 day air and product was shipped standard ground.

Not really upset about geting it slower.... but I do get a lil irritated when I pay for a service and recieve something that is sub par, with no Email or explantion why...

04-11-2010, 02:31 PM
might be something that you bring up to the people on FMG, not on here. . . . just sayin'

04-11-2010, 03:10 PM
maybe cause i dont see a support forum on Fullmeltglass.... just sayin

04-11-2010, 03:19 PM
PM FullMeltBubble. I am sure he will take care of whatever.

04-11-2010, 03:23 PM
Actually Id PM Bubbleman or DrBud since they deal with FMG, and I know how you feel JB, ive had this happen to me a couple times with amazon and numerous other places/ it is really frusterating even if its not a big deal, one thing you might be able to do is talk to drbud and see if he can talk to UPS or whatever shipping carrier it is and sometimes they can expedite it on account of an error, worked for me once :D puff

04-11-2010, 03:33 PM
actually if you click the contacts it will list Fresh Headies as the owner, contact the fresh headies office.

04-11-2010, 04:13 PM
actualy our problem right now is the site... people are paying for 2 day air.... and then FIRST , we have to wait for the money to make it into our accounts.. this can take up to two days... SECONDLY... ups isnt working properly in our interface... the charge is coming in as 20 to 30bucks.. but the shipping is costing us substantialy more..
We do mention right on the site that because we have to wait for the money to reach the accounts.. and that there is a delay.. people should be patient.
I think idealy i will remove the 2 day shipping... people can wait for their glass.. and that way i dont have to stress.. about people getting their glass in two days..

My two cents

Bubble man
owner of fullmeltglass

04-11-2010, 04:53 PM
After our lil convo in chat.... u can count on me not accepting the order. Please return my funds...

And for those of you that are gonna flame away like lil pigs suckling on the teet of power...have at it... dont really care.

Like i said in chat. I got charged double for something.... No different than buying a zip and only getting half of it.

All i asked for in my post was a email or explanation, and you tell me to fuck off in chat.... "Bubbleman: fuck him " .....Awesome Biz ethic...

I guess up on fantasy mountain where you can shred it up on gold flakes and not have to worry about money..... back here in reality we do.... and we have to make choices about our money....and i always choose not to give my money to douche bags who call people names when they feel threatend.... seems to be alot of them in this industry....Your total lack of respect over my investment, i find disgusting. Illl take you advice from chat and not buy anything from you anymore....

Best of luck in your endeavors,


*Edit* this wasnt about getting the order in 2 days, i had no problem with waiting for funds to clear, i would do the same if i was you. I do have a problem with the UPS tracking number saying it was shiped standard ground, standard ground is half the price of 2 day air...Once funds cleared, it wasnt shiped 2day air. All i asked for was a reason and you tell me to fuck off...

04-11-2010, 05:28 PM
well, the glass and hash world(at least here in la, bud has become more of a tool for profit than community) has proven to be the nicest industry or society of i guess, haha, the 21st century.
we have this type of community where we can ask questions n help eachother out...hooking eahother up like no other
i understand you got some money down...im sure not half a zip haha but yeah it sucks,but thats what comes with a business as lenient as this one.
we just have to accept the generosity of the people who allow us to get all this glass n bubble and hold of on the business aspect, because in the end it all works out.

"and we have to make choices about our money....and i always choose not to give my money to douche bags who call people names when they feel threatend...."

you made the choice to ignore the disclaimer on the website...bubbleman didnt force you to order from his site:) but anyways i dont want to be a dick to anyone, it sucks you lost money in any case, but i cant help but thinking if ya just waited to rip some bubble out of your new piece, the extra shipping cost would be the last of your worries.

anyways, bubbleman i don mean to sound like a doucher either to you, but there was this webdesigner that was offering to help make glass stores for free. i donno how much experience you guys have with all of this, so im not implying too much if its just a malfunction(or fuck up with ups) but if you ever need help im up for asking

04-11-2010, 07:04 PM
I really doubt bman just straight up told you to fuck off... every time I've talked to him he's extremely polite and chill.

On the topic of companies fucking up shipping lol ea sent me bad company 2 with 2nd day air instead of 3-4 ground shipping :D and it was still free wooooooooooooot :p

04-12-2010, 07:08 AM
Below we will find some intresting #'s
James..I'm sorry you are so upset.
I was simply trying to save you sum $$$$
You Sir paid $35.92 for "Shipping and Handling"
the shipping cost was $88.10 UPS 2nd day air
and Boxes,Packaging and time are not free hence the "Handling fee"

so would you have prefered to spend another..$52.18 to recieve your item one day sooner?

this is a new site we are doing the best we can...
I'm sorry if we have upset you
the difference is $19.98
if you would like...I'll return that to you out of my pocket
Please let me know
Thank You

************************************************** ****

Service: UPS 2nd Day AirCompare Service Options https://www.ups.com/img/1.gif https://www.ups.com/img/icn_popup_blue.gif (http://javascript<b></b>:popCTC();)

Guaranteed By:1 End of Day Wednesday, 4/14/2010 Do you need it there sooner?

Update Shipping Service
UPS 2nd Day Air currently selectedNo later than end of day Wednesday, 4/14/2010

UPS Next Day Air Saver 39.69 USD moreEnd of Day Tuesday, 4/13/2010

UPS Next Day Air 45.20 USD more10:30 A.M. Tuesday, 4/13/2010

Shipping Fees Subtotal: 88.10 USD
************************************************** ********

1stemless disc diffused 13 arm tree perc
Shipping and Handling Fee :USD35.92
Tax Total :USD0.00
Total: USD760.92
************************************************** ***
Service: UPS Ground Service
Guaranteed By:1 End of Day Thursday, 4/15/2010
Shipping Fees Subtotal:USD15.94

04-12-2010, 04:00 PM
pretty bad attitude you have james, quite a disrespectful guy.

04-12-2010, 04:07 PM
there is a more civilized way of handling that, than putting someone on blast. I highly doubt that bman would tell you to get fucked, and if he did then you obviously deserved it. I am still in awe of your disrespect

04-12-2010, 04:13 PM
its funny you don't understand how the internet, banks, sellers, and credit card processing companys can make things lag a little bit. I understand that you have no knowledge of how a business can work, you are pretty lucky that there are even people interested in selling glass over the web, actually really lucky. good job on telling them to get fucked! you are a really quality guy, wish I had friends like you!!!!

04-13-2010, 12:18 AM
i wish u could see the concern on my face, evergreen... he did tell me to get fucked... several respected members seen it... i could give a fuck, really cause im gonna keep doing what ive been doing and there is other outlets for glass... in the real world this isnt how biz works... you want to brag about canada laws and how it's a industry up there....then run it like one... dont advertise what u cant do...for the rest of you get fucked... if bman came to a sudden stop, half of u people's noses would go 3 feet up his ass...

04-13-2010, 12:52 AM
Sucks for you

04-13-2010, 01:39 AM
but whatever, I'm sure you will find a piece somewhere that you will be stoked off of.

04-13-2010, 06:41 AM
I am seriously floored by your reaction to this James...... wow


04-13-2010, 07:27 AM
some people just dont grow up.

04-13-2010, 01:23 PM
I think we should all take a step back and start over here. Since we have all known each other for quite sometime i think it would be wise to just write this one off as a misunderstanding and everyone let go of their feelings and lets just be friends. No one wanted to insult anyone sometimes things just happen. Lets let go of this and everyone start over. Lets be friends !!!