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04-30-2012, 05:34 PM
Hey all, I have a bunch of questions so I will introduce myself first and try to explain why and what I am asking exactly.

I am a 34 yr old from Canada suffering from a chronic knee pain syndrome as well as symptoms stemming from post concussion syndrome. Despite being diagnosed, it is almost impossible in my part of the country to find a doctor to sign forms, even for those in way worse shape than me.

That being said , I LOVE HASH. However I cannot get any.. So I must purchase buds and do the work myself unfortunately. My ghetto technique up until now has been a little bit of grinding, sifting etc and then using my thumb to press the material into my palm and form a soft workable hash. I basically do not want to smoke pot and want to harvest as much top quality hash as I can ( quality over quantity )

Recently though I have started to research how to improve on my lazy ghetto method and found myself here. So now I will list my questions.

1. I am looking at getting a sifting box and was wondering what some of you thought were the pros and cons of the bubblebox vs that 4 screen kit for 125 bucks. Is it mostly looks and the box being nice ? Are the screens close to the same quality ? The box looks real nice but if the screens will do as good of a job I would prefer the lower cost.

2. I was also thinking about getting bubble bags to make hash out of the left overs from dry sifting .. Is that a good idea or would the yield not be worth it ? IF I did get the bubble bags would I not need the screens kit for dry sifting , could I use the bags to do it with the same quality end product ?

3 About 10 years ago I was in Amsterdam and there was this one cafe on the outskirst of the main hub of town called yahoo and they had to rename it I think, anyway they were the only place at the time who sold "ice hash". This wasnt gooey , it was a thin strip on a piece of wrapper that could be broken off and smoked, ( looked as if it was frozen )... how is that made, is that just a variation of making bubble hash ? I smoke "bots" so I am looking to make something similar.

4. I see everyone advises using a microscope, ( until now ive judged my purity based on color and if I can see any grain just by looking at it. )and I was wondering what one is good, I see 2 for the same price on freshheadies, a 45 x and a 60 x ... is one better than the other for this particular purpose.

5. Do you guys / gals have any other tips on what the best way to go about turing my buds ( which are mostly pretty good, in southern ontario you can find some great stuff, and I have smoked in amsterdam and hawaii as well as BC bud so I have a decent tolerance of good bud )

As I said above, i enjoy smoking hash in the form of bots ( using the bottle method ) and want to turn as much of my bud into quality hash, and I just know that I am wasting so much using my ghetto method so I decided to reach out for advice.

Thanks and sorry for the long post


05-01-2012, 03:52 PM
Hey there first off i'd like to welcome you to the site.. you've come to the right place.
we should be able to sort you out.
Now to answer your first question.. the dry sift screens and the box are the same thing.. same quality screens etc.. just no fancy box with a lock.
as for your second question.. the bubblebags will make a much stronger end product with less technique being needed.> ie the bubblebag process is almost a no brainer if you put in good you take out great.
however with dry sifting there is much more technique involved as well as patience and gentleness ( due to the fact there is no water you can end up with a ton of contaminant dry sifting, as the water keeps the majority of that contaminant afloat in the bubble process)
to answer your third question.. sounds like it was just really good quality bubblehash ie icehash. When the quality is high you can simply with the heat of your fingers press it up into a beautiful piece. this is going to be totaly reliant upon your quality though. .if the resin isnt great quality you can't really make it melt and dab.
the only difference in the microscopes aside from the exteneded 60x from 45x is that the 60 also has the black light for telling if your cash is counterfiet or real.
As for tips .. you should search my forums here i have a ton of threads on pressing drying curing wet washing dry sifting etc.
Its all here and if your having trouble.. please come into CHat and ask some questions.. we will do our best to answer..

Bubble man

05-01-2012, 09:32 PM
Thank you very much for your reply, I still havent decided on the bigger surface area of the 4 screens or the beauty of the bubble box but one of them will be ordered this week =)

I have a follow up question or two. Firstly when you "card" your buds , do you place the card beside the pile and drag it along the screen OR do you gently press and drag bud along the screen.

Secondly, if I have about 2 ounces of fresh buds at a time and want to make that into hash , should I break the buds up first then freeze them, or freeze the 2 ounces as is , then break it up and sift after it is frozen . ?

Sorry for lots of questions, I have read the first 11 pages on another site and lots on this and still had some questions.

Lastly , is pressing using your hands a bad method ? Is there a better was to make the powder into a maleable black chunk of hash ?

Cheers, Akirrah