View Full Version : My first, but not my last!

01-12-2013, 01:47 AM
Here is a shot of my first run with my 1 gallon bags. I used 1.5 oz of trim. I was impressed with the yield.

I did not run the 190 micron bag or the 45 micron bag. I ended up making a bit of butter with the (190+)160 micron bag extraction. Pretty decent butter, but I was considering doing a full extraction with all the bags, discarding the 190, and using all the rest of the grades into the butter. Is this a waste of time and effort compared to just using some trim and making butter as per normal?

I have not yet sampled my dry goods, tonight is the night. It's rather green, I know a few places I went wrong, so I'll try and make a few alterations to my run next time.

I was wondering when it the right time to sieve the wet hash, and what is the best sieve to use for a newbie?

Thanks everyone for any input.