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02-19-2013, 12:51 AM
Ok guys so i had roughly 1/4lbs of sugar leaves and pop corn buds of ak47 x blue berry. some of it was from an older harvest so we kept them separate and frozen them.

We used homemade ice, had lots of it, and we bought 10 gal of RO water.

The extraction took place in the basement where the temperature never got over 50*F and the RH is right about 30%

We made a drain bucket to hold the bubble bags, and set the bubble machine on a table right next to it.

We first filled the machine up 1/4 way with water and ice.

Then took our older dry trim and layered it in the work bag with ice

Then submerged the work bag in the machine and continued to add ice and water till the bag was fully submerged, the machine was a little more than half way full.

Set the timer for 6 min and let it spin away, after 2 minutes we noticed a lot of frothy white on top which was good.

When the timer stopped we let the water drain into the bubble bags (we used 7 bags 25,45,73,90,120,160,220)

Begin to pull each bag up one at a time, while the water was draining. Used a pump sprayer with ice water to spray down the sides of the bubble bags and collect all the trichs in the middle to be able to scoop easily.

Take the bag over to the collection station and begin to scoop out the hash from the first bag with a tablespoon. After scooping out the hash we laid it in a clump on a pressing screen on top of some paper towels to help wick the water out.

We repeat our steps for all bags.

Now we repeat our process with the next batch of fresh frozen sugar leaves and pop corn bud. We put all 3/4oz (roughly) into the machine, i think we should have split it into two separate runs.

The machine was up to the FULL line after we had filled it up with water and ice. Turned the timer to 6 min and let it do its thing.

Now we drain into the bags again, but this time we decided to fill up the machine wit more water and ice and do another shorter 4 min run while the other bags were still draining.

After 4 min we drain into the bags again.

We noticed alot of hash on the 90 micron i believe it was. THe hash looks pretty good the yield looks good too.

Now its just sitting in the basement temps around 45-50*F with RH at 30% we will leave it there for roughly 24 hours and then start he microplaning/drying/curing process.

Heres some wet pics for now










02-19-2013, 01:12 AM
i dont see any pictures... glad your playing and enjoying the tools sounds like you should get some nice product.. you will probably find the older trim to produce a darker resin this is merely the volatile oils showing their age ( oxydization and time). I would suggest however that you break that bubble up into powder immidiately I suggest a stainless strainer that you push the still wet ( not completely but dabbed on the screen a bit to remove some water) and it will fall out in powder . I then let it fall spread very thinly over the thick cardboard i dry on.
My two cents

Bubble man

02-19-2013, 02:52 AM
Thank you for the tip, we are going to try it again in a few weeks with some more fresh frozen. wil try your strainer method

02-19-2013, 03:19 AM
ahh i see the pictures now... looking good.. just break it up pronto..

Bubble man

02-23-2013, 04:15 PM
Congrats!! Looks good!

Jah bless

02-23-2013, 07:03 PM
How does it smoke now it has had some time to dry? Enjoy!