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Thread: Storage area and Curing

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    Exclamation Storage area and Curing

    Well now that winter has rolled in I think its safe to say that storing buds in air tight jars in the the garage would be ideal. The cold and darkness in there provides for superb curing conditions due to the dense air and darkness. Ive experimented with curing a jar in the garage and didnt open it for several weeks and the bud turned out to be such a finer and more full bodied smoke.. I would always take the jar of better cured nugs over the fresh herb...


    P.S take the several week challenge and cure some buds in the garage and some in your room see which jar turns out to be the finer smoke... Its a shocker!

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    Yeah that would make sense. Like the colder temps would slow down the metabolizing process, slowing down the cure. And at the same time it would kind of preserve the fresh taste. I'm gonna do just that...label two jars, let them sit for the same amount of time, one in a colder environment, one in a warmer one. I'll let a friend judge without explaining, to get a non-biased opinion.

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    Cold cure. Some strains I like cold cured more, so I use the crisper drawer in the fridge. Peace GS

    ps. makes a good substitute in the summer when the garage is hot too.
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