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The docs method with hydro?
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Thread: The docs method with hydro?

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    Question The docs method with hydro?

    Well this is sort of directed to the good doc but appreciate everyone's opinion so chime in at will. I'm about to start a new grow up (micro personal use setup) and after seeing the doc's method and results I'm going to emulate it as much as possible. The one thing I'm planning on being different is that instead of a soil mix I'm going to implement some form of hydro. Most likely individual small DWC 'buckets'. Question is, has anyone tried this or does anyone see any problems doing it? I'm assuming it would come down to any other size or method where as long as it's done right it'll work. Having two solid hydro grows under my belt I have no doubt I can pull it off, but having never used such a small area or CFL's I wasn't sure if there were variables that I'm not taking into consideration.

    Any thoughts? Am I worrying for nothing?

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    if you use a bunch of small individual containers you might get into ph problems as the smaller the res the faster the ph change

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    hrmm.. interesting.. didn't realize that (I've always used a 10gal tub for 5 plants).. guess I'll have to either keep a closer eye on them or come up with another solution. Possibly a modified ebb and flow system maybe? who know

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    The micro soil grow as Dr Bud is showing is so bloody simple to manage you might want to try it. Is there a specific reason why you want to stick to hydro?

    EDIT: Thought I had this quote buried someplace. This is in response to a soil vs hydro question on one of Dr Bud's threads.

    A Hydro grow will give the Illusion of a "Faster Grow" but not really so as a trip from the grow room into the Lab will reveal..
    Take a "Cross section" cut from a branch.
    Same strain,Same light, One grown Hydro and one grown in real soil mix ....
    (Not a Peat or Coco based hydro System...it you add anything but water when you water......your growin Hydro 90% of weed is Hydro....just not all in a bucket of water )

    Prepare a slide of each for the microscope.....
    on the soil one you Will see that the cells are round for the most part.
    on the Hydro one they are Ovals because they are full of water...that explains the "Illusion of a Larger plant"
    dry them out and the soil one will weigh more...."
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    one is just personal preference.. I'm the type who likes to mess with things and I find soil growing a bit, boring if you will. I just feel more involved using hydro and I feel more like an active participant rather than a bystander. I'm sure there are things I can do going soil to stay involved more, but I'd rather stay with hydro since its my comfort level and familiar.

    plus, I don't like to get dirty :P

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    Go for it GHJ this is a tried method that works but you never know you may improve it I doubt it but lets see a grow log
    myself i would be happy at a quarter of these yields I am only on my first grow but have just rooted my first two clones one for a mother in order to try the DocBud method and the other to replace my first grow until the Mother is ready

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    Grodan makes what they call Mini Cubes, they're like little quarter-inch cubes of rockwool. You could get some small containers and fill them up like you would soil, set up a dripper system, and see what happens. I've used it for mothers, hand watered under a t5, and it worked great. I guess the biggest thing would be to find the right pot size. Fuck around with it and see what happens. And let us know.

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    Wots ur ec cf levels? I have a flood an drain system with ak an trainwreck my buds seem to be strechen out in da last couple of weeks an they not filing out do no were nere rock solid help me

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