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    So whats up everybody and welcome to my CFL grow show,I have to give thanks to DrBud for showing me how to grow in such a small space and what can be achieved using CFL's... Keep in mind that I started my first grow in
    "June 2008" and I take micro growing very seriously and will be breeding strains specifically for us growers wanting strains that yield good in micro conditions. In this thread I will be showing everything I'm doing and feel free to ask questions and post tips and pics of what you have learned in your own micro grows. I truly believe micro growing is going to become much more popular in the next 5 years and if your doctor gives you square footage instead of plant numbers in Cali why not have 4-6 cabs stacked and full of frosty cola's harvesting 4-8 out of each cab every week!!! Thats what I'm going for, fuck using up a whole room to grow a bunch of trees inside,I'd wrather grow straight bud with as little stem as possible you know?? Well I have to upload some pics for you guys and gals to drool over lol also a big THANK YOU!!!! goes out to Bubbleman for giving us this place
    Micro HD SOG gives the best quality cuz I'm only smoking tops!!!!

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    Alrighty I got some stuff uploaded to share with you all...

    The photos are of my Grand Daddy Purple at 8 weeks into flowering and the last 2 are my Maui Wowi x Tooty Fruity at 3 weeks hope you all enjoy and they were all done under CFL's and are in 50% Fox Farm Ocean Forest 50% Kellogg Patio Plus and fed Fox Farm Tiger Bloom as soon as I flower them....
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    Micro HD SOG gives the best quality cuz I'm only smoking tops!!!!

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    hey man welcome to the site, and great first couple of posts.
    Looks like the Doc did you right.
    can't wait to see the resin from your hash making.
    YOu are gonna make hash right.......cause it loooks like you got some great starting material...

    Bubble man

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    Thanks bro he sure did hahaha and hell yes I'm going make some hash. I just gotta get enough trim together cuz I'm a broke bastard and use my trim for joints cuz I haven't got my perpetual harvest going yet. But over the next few months I will get my bubble on cuz my buddy has some bubble bags I can use and my strain smells like candy so the hash is gonna be real nice. I may just save up some kief and make some "poormans hash". I was taught this from a old grower up in Mendo and he was came by one day with a mason jar full of kief! and said " come on boys n girls we're gonna have a lesson in hash today". Then he showed us that if we had enough kief to fill up a corner of a ziplock bag we could make some decent hash and he filled up the corner of the bag about the size of a 50 cent piece and it was as thick as a cigarette but. He then stuck the crystal filled corner of the bag and held it under running hot water from the sink for 30 seconds but said the water needed to be pretty damn hot. Then he sqeezed the corner and said when the crystals start to turn dark its ready. After he pulled it out of the water he got a rolling pin and rolled over the bag a few time real hard and then pulled the bag apart and there was a nice chunk of fresh hash and it melted real nice too! I'm sure I've been ramblin on just thought I'd share the story since this is the Bubblemans hideout...
    Micro HD SOG gives the best quality cuz I'm only smoking tops!!!!

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    man those as some awesome buds! making me awefully jealous hopefully i'll have a new grow up soon and if all goes well I can get it to turn out like all of ya'lls.. Very nice grow again

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    well you wont have much to ketch up on then!

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    Looks Great!!! Good to see you here.

    Community milk and cookie pusher. Got CANNAMILK!

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    Thanks MrsGreengenes , I've been over at Roll it Up more than IC since all the bs and I seem to your husbands star student lol can't thank him enough... I'm switching over to coco and Fox Farm nutes cuz the results were amazing!! Keep in touch cuz I'm getting into breeding asap and would love to share my beans with you guys.. I got the Big Book of Buds 3 for X Mas and Casey Jones is in it and says when flowered small it will grow one single cola weight 7-10g and I have a feeling DrBud was the tester for that data....
    Micro HD SOG gives the best quality cuz I'm only smoking tops!!!!

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    Default "MisturBombDiggitys CFL GrowShow"

    will be very cold...temperature around 0 degrees celcius for kickoff, but i dont think any snowfall or much wind will be in the mix. This time of year is when CFL totals are very very tricky.

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