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Thread: Traveling with Bubblebags in Andalusia (Spain)

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    Default Traveling with Bubblebags in Andalusia (Spain)

    I wanted to start this thread a long time ago, but didnt really found the right moment until now. If you like to travel and you like smoking hash than the bublebags are the thing for you. It opened many doors for me that would stay closed. Years ago when I was hichhiking through Spain with a friend we were smoking some great hash for the first time in our life. Dont get me wrong, I was in Amsterdam when I was 18 years old, and I tried some hash back then, it was ok, but too expensive. That was 1997. Back then the only time we would smoke hash in my country (one of the ex Yugoslawian repiblics) was very very rare but it happened. The weed was much better.

    So when I was in Spain the first time with my bro, we realised that in particulary in Andalusia (the south part of the country) there is a real hash culture due to Marocco that is very close. We met people became friends and most of them had grandfathers that were smoking hash every day . So when I stumbled across the Bubblebags years after and started to make my own hash it was necesarry to go back to Spain, because I didnt really know what kind of quality I got. The people in my country said it was killer hash, the best they have ever smoked but we dont have a hash culture so people used to say that all the time when they smoked hashish. (but this is also changing now)

    So we went to Andalusia for the second time, and I took my bags with me, the best thing I could do to myself. When I made the first run and people tryed it they were totaly blown away, they said it is very hard to get that kind of quality even there, never on the street. They said you would have to go to Marocco to the Rif, to the farmer and ask him for his personal stash... hehe

    I was making hash for the whole month, going from house to house, from City to City. Met great friends had a wonderful time. Sevilla, Granada, Malaga and some little vilages I will not name. So my advice to everyone that wants to go travelling and smoke some great hash while on the road, take your bubblebags with you, but the most important thing is when you see the happy faces of the people you never knew before, while you make gold out of their herbs.

    and dont forget: "Help yourself and god will help you!"

    peace Oax
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    Cool man glad you had a great time. Maybe we should start the Bubblebags challenge and see who can be the first to work his way around the world with just one set of 5 gallon bags. Peace GS
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    some more pics from the trip... at that time I didnt have the bubblenow machine, so everything was made by hand. But it was fun because I worked with so many different materials. These guys really grow the best sativas I have seen. They can let them flower until mid November, this means they can finish the sativas outdoors with no problems. But to grow a 100% indica plant is hard, they explained to me. Why? Because the sun is to intense, the pure indicas get burned. Never seen it before. And the andalusian sun is really really hot from 1-4p.m. Only Sativas and SativaIndica crosses can be grown outdoors. Funny thing.

    Now if anyone has a similar experience with traveling and bubblebags he is welcome to let us know.

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    Not all drugs are good, some are great!

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    sadly here in spain the commercial hashis quality has degree a lot.. for this there´s a lot of people that prefer to make his own hachis and enjoy it.

    you all will be welcome to spain, like people say.. Spain is diferent! (and loves cannabis.. jejeej)


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