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Thread: Custom built controllers....

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    Quote Originally Posted by LostCoaster View Post
    Just a bump here.

    The 4000 watt controller box has been in use now about 2 months. It is built so strong that the property owner at the grow was hugely impressed at the lenghts that my friend went to to ensure a safe operation expercially regarding the electrical setup. The owner was so sure that the operation's first priority was Safety, they allowed my friend to build another room in the garage!

    Sure makes a good impression to use quality gear that you know won't fail.

    Glad to hear it man! If you ever need anything else let me know, it was fun building it. You know you want a flip-flop. No but seriously it's good to hear that he feels safe with his gear, that def is my number one concern with my gear, a close second is long term reliability. Thanks for the update.

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    I built a relay controller box. My wiring is not to code, so dont be thrown off by all the red. This controlls 4 outlets on 240v(black) and 4 outlets on 120v(white) Also i have 2 of the 120v outlets on the relay, and 2 are constant feed. The timer can them be plugged into the unit once hardwired

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    inneed of connect for napal kush

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    Good to see quality

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    Man I miss that dude. Hope he is well. Peace GS
    Changing the color of cannabis one grower at a time.

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    Default Custom built controllers

    thanks Not ridden it yet May get chance this afternoon though.It is big - around 23" seat tube The post mounts are for 165mm, but Im sure he could make something for 180 without the need for an adapter.

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    need a subpanel built, you still here rocking this shit?

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