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Thread: youtube music links

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    Default youtube music links

    post up any and all good youtube music vids

    Derek Trucks Band Joyful Noise:

    Grateful Dead(with Pigpen)
    Easy Wind:
    Hard To Handle:

    Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Volunteered Slavery:
    Rahsaan Roland Kirk playing recorder and flute at same time:

    Dr. Didg: Pre-Bouncy, Feelgood Festival 8-11-07:

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    wreck of the edmund fitzgerald:

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    bomb ass idea guys..

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    Well i will add a few for now

    Neil young with THE BAND ie the LAST WALTZ filmed by martin scorcesee



    Some john zorn Massada : SHELOSHIM

    Painkiller :

    Ustad Alla Rakha and zakir Hussain :

    thats all for now

    Bubble man

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