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Thread: Cannabis Culture issue 74#

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    Default City takes on Prince of Pot

    A legal battle with city hall could see B.C.'s 'Prince of Pot' getting smoked out of his Downtown Vancouver headquarters.
    Marc Emery faces drug charges in the U.S. that could land him behind bars. But it's a simple dispute over a city business license that threatens to hit the outspoken marijuana advocate where it hurts - in his pocketbook.
    Emery says the city has refused to issue him a license for the businesses he runs on the 300-block of West Hastings Street. Emery claims the city won't issue him a business licence because of his 2004 arrest and conviction in Saskatchewan for trafficking - he says a witness saw him passing a joint at a rally.
    "It's interesting they're being such tight-asses about that one conviction. We've been here since 2001. We've never required a business license up until now," said Emery, who suspects the apparent newfound interest in his vocation can be traced to next year's 2010 Games.

    "It's just harassment," Emery said. "They just don't want me around for the Olympics."
    At a business license hearing next week, Emery plans to argue he has done everything demanded of him to get a license, including thousands of dollars in renovations.
    The city's chief license inspector, Barb Windsor, told 24 hours she couldn't comment on the issue since the matter is now before council.

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    get help from world custom

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    well Bubbleman I picked what looks to be the last copy of print CC and I have to say to someone who's never bubbled you have photographed perfectly thanks for the ed-u-mu-ca-tion....
    "warm smell of colitas rising up through the air"

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    I'm going to find the article now, i want to know everything and everything. CC was great, still is imo! I'm a web kinda guy anyway. i even get my playboy and hustlers by way of torrents online hahaha

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    Picked up the last 2 issues yesterday. Yay.
    I am the Eggman, Coo Coo KaChoo

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    didn't emery narc on reeferman and a whole bunch of other canadian growers/breeders?

    maybe thats why they're pissed lol

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    and what an article it is!! very informative and jaw dropping pictures as usual.

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