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Thread: X-MEN origins : WOLVERINE the movie

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    Default X-MEN origins : WOLVERINE the movie

    well here is a gift to all of my fellow bubbleheads out there. Please send out this link as much as you like, to as many friends as you can find.
    The brand new xmen movie, in great quality no cam shit.

    Am just watching it now myself, if you check it out, give the thread a reply, will be interested to see how many click on it.

    This movie is not yet out in the theater....

    Bubble man

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    heard that it isnt the final cut of the movie and that there was more special effects that werent in this.

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    Default X-Men

    Less than 29 more days and you can pay and watch it.

    It is better to pay to watch movies or rent them that way we have more movies in the future to watch.

    Aqua Lab Tech

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    as much as i stay at home its a treat to go frolicking with the wildlife from time to time and a movie threater on a friday night opener is usually pretty fun for me. still a pretty expensive luxury. thatsa awesome find Bubbleman! i will prolly wait for my furlough tho lol. i cant wait to see this one, is hew jackman going to be wolverine again?

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    yeah Randowskie, thats correct, this is an unfinished copy> I watched it last night and fully enjoyed it. Kinda like a lesson in movie making really.
    The video and audio were both top quality otherwise.

    I hear ya Aqua, in fact i went and saw two movies in the theatre recently and in fact after seeing this movie, minus alot of the special affects, it just soldified the fact that i will go see it in the theatre's.
    So me watching this movie without paying before it comes out, is in no way shape or form going to affect some rich hollywood producer, he will still make his millionis ( maybe a billion)

    I think offering it for free often is a means to creating more business for yourself in selling it.
    look at the band PHISH> they havent played any shows in five years, and then last month on march sixth' they took to the stage together and busted out a three nighter.
    After each night they had a portable studio brought in to mix and release each night of shows FOR FREE, the next morning.
    However you could get them for free, you could also pay a little and get them instead of mp3, in FLAC< a lossless audio file for those audiophiles out there.
    They are making a killer selling music that people have already taped( tapers are an obsessive lot, ) even if you have the sickest quality its not going to quite compare to the soundboard version,.
    This mentality has made phish one of the top grossing touring bands in north america.
    They can give it away and still sell it!!!

    My two cents.>

    Bubble man

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    Phish is brilliant.
    Those that rushes my cluthes get put on crutches. Get smoked like dutches from the master, Hate to blast ya, but I have ta, you see I smoke a lot. - The Illest

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    now where did phish get that idea from..............HMMMMM.......

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    well the ideas to give away music ie THRU A TAPERS SOCIETY was definitly born via the dead and bands from that time. Phish is just stepping it up a little bit , and giving away each night MIXED BY PROFESSIONAL MIXER'S. and released for download, THE NEXT DAY...
    I think thats pretty damn cool of the boys personaly. especialy cause they know audiophiles will still need to get those FLAC'S... so its nothing out of pocket for them..

    either way a super cool thing to do..

    Bubble man

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    i allso watched the unedited green screen version it was cool i agree with bman

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    wolverine The Best X-Men Ever !!!

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