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Thread: First water extraction - Why mix in bags??

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    Default First water extraction - Why mix in bags??

    About to do my first water extraction. Just wondering if there is a purpose to stacking all 8 bags into the bucket at once other than it just being easier and less time consuming? I want to extract a superior quality hash but my concern is that small amounts of plant material will be forced through the filter bags during mixing. My idea was to mix the ice/herb/h2o in a separate bucket gently by hand then pour the slurry through each filter bag one by one reducing the amount of agitation occurring in the bags. Also, i feel like it would be less wear n' tear on your bags this way but idk.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    You can absolutely do that but remember pouring the water thru in my mind will push more contaminants thru than mixing inside the work bag and and pulling the bags. Either or works, but i would prefer to stack the bags all inside. Mix , and pull the bags one by one. You will see though after actualy making it a few times that its not better to pour thru each individual bag its just time consuming.
    GOod luck with your first run, we look foreward to seeing how you did

    Bubble man

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    Awesome, thanks for the insight. I didn't consider that pouring could force contaminants through. That makes sense. I will be mixing in the bags for my first time for sure. Will be sure to take some good photos to show everyone how things work out. Going to run 42 grams of cured nugs. I live in Maryland so trim isn't too readily available.

    On a side note, its kind of funny how everyone right now is obsessed with bho, wax, budder etc. Super-critical fluid extraction of cannabis with butane has been around forever and I personally have never been a big fan. People need to leave the butane in the cigar shoppes and invest in a brita filter. Its no contest to me which process produces a superior extract.

    Cheers Bubbleman! Glad to be a part of this community!

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