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Thread: Sweet Skunk!!!!!!

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    Default Sweet Skunk!!!!!!

    Well its been a long time coming for this cut... Had it wayyy back in the day and left it with a friend, who culled it of all things... Had other friends( or where they) who also had the cut, but just couldnt seem to get it to me..> Well Mat Beren from the House of the Great Gardener has changed all that.> Want to give Mat a HUGE thank you for sharing this Special Cut with me ( Breeder steve cut). I will take great care of it, and of course share it with all my brothers and sisters who have also been trying to track it down with no avail. She's just little now, but one day she is gonna be a Full size moma..> Thanks again Mat... ( fullmelt dry sift Sweet Skunk for the Win)
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    I've heard much of the legendary Sweet Skunk.

    I've grown a version from seed which was amazing but certainly not the same thing as the legit cut. I look forward to the day I get to try it or even better, obtain it.

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