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Thread: My Dispenserary told me hash oil was the original "dab"???

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    Question My Dispenserary told me hash oil was the original "dab"???

    The guy was out of wax hash and convinced me to buy some co2 hash oil in its place. He he was adamant that he was telling me it is "the original dab". Now my question is: hash oil is too runny and will not stick to a dabber long enough to apply it to the nail, so how can you "dab" it?
    Is there truth to this? This guy is all high and mighty and retorts "tell what B.H.O. Is". His answer was butane honey oil. But I say it can also stand for butane hash oil! I tried to call him on it and he become a jerk. I live in a town in Colorado where they only have allowed 1 dispenserary open for the entire town...

    they also have sold me a strain several times named "K.G.B". They claim it's the strain called "Killer Green Bud". But another employee told me that it actually had to do with some guys named "Kevin and Gary".

    caught in one lie, I am seriously questioning his claim that hash oil was the "original dab"...
    i appreciate any and all answers... I sure would like something to print up and show it to the owner of the business. I don't like the fact I was sold an E-Roll vaporizer and they took it out of the package, put it together (breaking it at the same time) and used once in front of me, Then gave me my purchased product! On the way home I noticed hash oil had all leaked out of it. I brought it back and told them I thought it was unfair that they took it out of the package and assembled it and broke it after I paid for it then they handed it to me and sent me on my way. This Dispenserary is in Palisade Colorado. Due to the seemly lack of honesty and ill advice, (or ill knowledge) I and several of my friends boycott this place... They act all mighty because they are the only shop without traveling about 100 miles to another town that has dispensaries....
    What is the answer? Is hash oil the origanl dab? Thanks again!
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