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Thread: Wash your resin ?

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    Im pretty new to this and I wanted to know if its better to clean the resin with clean water in-between bags before pulling your hash out ?
    I heard its good to ''wash'' your resin with clean water. Seems like Bubbleman isn't doing it in his videos.

    Thanks for the advices and keep bubblin !!!!

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    I rinse mine pretty good. I use a stack of buckets with the bottoms cut out. The bottom bucket has holes in the sides so the water just flows through and down the drain. I put a bag in a bucket then insert the next bucket and next bag and so on. I put the 220 bag in it's own bucket for stirring. After 30 minutes of stirring I pour the water into the stack then rinse well with the hand sprayer in the kitchen sink. I always get some decent looking stuff this way. Also, having the bucket inside the bag holds the screen flat so you can reach in and scoop without having the bag collapse.

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    Thank you first you answer man and nice hash, much appreciated. I ran a session today and im pretty happy with the outcome. I did rinse my resin with clean water and my first 6 minutes run look CRAZY !! So blond and sticky, and really bright ! Not much quantity but I ran like 300 grams of fresh frozen trims only.
    I am more disappointed with the 12 minutes run that is a little bit greener. I was wondering if using dry trims, would maybe get me a second run less greener ? Because drying the tims remove cholorophyll ? What you guys think ?
    Long live Bubbleman, keep bubblin !!!

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    Here is a little picture from my phone, I will add better pictures later.

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    I always use a pressurized spray bottle to wash my resin. I would feel lost without it in my kit of hash making tools. I find it very useful for catching every little last bit of resin from those screens.

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