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Thread: High from Paris (France)

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    Default High from Paris (France)

    Hello to all fellow Hashichins and cannabis lovers ,

    People call me Yougz and as the title says I'm from Paris and glad to be part of this community for now more than 41 weeks following hash church , chatting with amazing people and learning more and more each day.
    I've been introduced to my first Bubblebags set and the wonderful world of solventless extraction in the early 2000's but I only discovered about 2 years ago Bubbleman's World Youtube channel and well .. hash gods only know how much i have to thank him for all the work and efforts put together ! So thank you for all Mark if you're reading this !!

    I'll be looking forward to meeting of all you that i don't know yet and exchange some good infos or more , and you will find me also often connected to the chat .

    May you all have a blessed day , see you all on board !

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    Hey friend! Nice to see you post. I look forward to chatting with you some more.


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    Welcome brother. I like how this site is becoming the Hash Church followers go to.

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