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Thread: Hi, I'm Cashed

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    Smile Hi, I'm Cashed

    Greetings everyone,

    My name's Cashed. I'm a musician/producer with the same name from Denver, CO who is a medical patient and loves Cannabis in all its forms, especially solventless hash. I'm relatively new to the hash scene (especially solventless). Bubbleman's World is pretty much what brought me here to this forum, and I can say I am certainly interested in learning about the resin growing and hash making processes. I'm continually fascinated by this plant and all its constituents, it honestly feels more like a holistic supplement than anything else and I love that. I'm very big into holistic/nutritional healing and eventually I'd like to be able to help people with whole plant solutions (of all kinds) versus whole pill "solutions".

    All in all, I'm here to laugh, learn, and more importantly appreciate this beautiful plant and the world it comes from...


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    Hey Cashed. Welcome!

    No better way to start learning then to sow a seed or few. "the struggle is the sifu if you learn to let it teach you." Cheers!

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