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Thread: First real indoor grow! 600w HPS Licensed Medical Grow

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    Post First real indoor grow! 600w HPS Licensed Medical Grow

    Hello there,

    I'll start by saying that I am a Licensed MMJ card holder and member of a Collective... and now the grow!

    I'll be posting images of my first real indoor grow and extractions made if and when successful. Just put a few in flower and have a few more vegging. Any negative comments will be greatly appreciated...btw the three Blue Dream pictured in flower were vegged outside.

    -4X4 Gorilla Grow Tent
    -6" Hyper Fan
    -Duct silencer
    -6"x16" Phresh Filter
    -Box Fan
    -Phantom Dimmable Digital Ballast
    -600w Medium Adjust-a-Wing
    -Readygro Aeration coco and perlite
    -1, 2 and tall 5.5 Gallon pots with holes drilled
    -2 5 gallon DWC buckets with holes drilled... j/k
    -EcoAir 4 Air pump

    Hydro Nutes: (the Blue Dream is in soil... no nutes will be added)
    -GH (pre-Monsanto) FloraBloom, FloraMicro, FloraNova, PH Up and Down
    -Superthrive, Silica Blast, 35% H2O2, Epsom Salts, CalMag

    I plan to have 2-4 plants in 5.5 gallon tall pots and 2 in 5 gallon DWC buckets probably getting bigger buckets later.

    Here's the setup:

    Filter with duct leading to fan and silencer.

    600w HPS with Adjust-a-wing to Phantom digital dimmable ballast connected to Hydrofarm one outlet grounded timer (not shown) plugged into wall.

    Box fan hung with SunGrips in the corner.

    Temp says 87.6 but the plants fell cool so IDK. Other pic is of the intake... there is two of these contraptions.

    Here's the three Blue Dream. They've been tied down since this pic... will update later. Through these inside for earlier harvest. These plants have been fighting the bugs pretty good despite the bite marks... bugs don't even like Blue Dream. :l

    and a couple veg pics.

    Thanks for looking, ME!

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    Post Pics of last harvest.

    All 2ft T5 grown except Asian Fantasy that was outdoor.

    Fresh and upside down sorry... Purple no 1 and Purple Durban

    Dried Purple Durban

    Fresh, Whole plant water extraction... Purple no1 and Cookie Monster

    Previous test results of water extraction... Asian Fantasy 81.6% THC... those liars.
    BANDIT - WIN_20141212_020757.JPG

    Gotta show my credentials... tee hee BD
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    If possible check the PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) at the plant main plant canopy if you have a light meter and the temp at the leaves. Optimal photosynthesis will take place when the highest par footprint is over the canopy mixed with canopy temps around 74-78. Other than temp, I'd say things are looking pretty spot on - keep on keepin' on.

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    Default Couple tie down pics and stem size.

    Here's some pics of the ladies after being tied down

    Stem pic...

    and one more intake pic.
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    Thanks for the reminder.
    My free light meter is off the charts (not the best measure, I know) and the infrared says 78 F on avg. at the canopy.
    I've also measured the distance so that the plants are in the 2 ft. optimum light zone.
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    Nice grow Guesticle!

    That full melt looks nice and greasy terp-a-licious!

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    Thank you!

    The melt smelled just like lemonade, tasted more like kush. The pic was taken shortly after pocket curing; it did cake eventually. Still da bomb!
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    Default More pics...

    The ladies are growing.

    Here's a branch I broke whilst training... the plant didn't seem to mind.

    Some more veg pics... cracked a few GG #4 seeds.

    I was having bacteria problems so hopefully this cooler with frozen ice packs and a little bleach will help. I also changed the feed a little in the buckets, trying to figure out the problem. If not then I'll ditch the DWC buckets for now. I covered the EcoPump 4 with a bucket to help with noise. Also, the pump is on a bucket that is on vibration pads; can't hear it vibrating in the kitchen anymore!
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    Sweet grow. Yeah with dwc def keep those temp down. I love dwc but don't even attempt in the summer. Just too much work battling water temp. In winter it is no problem obviously. Looks killer though.

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I foil taped the buckets after reading some of Rumpleforeskin's threads. He says he gets no problems with roots, bacteria or algae without using a chiller in 80+F room. My bacteria problem could be from the water (tap less than 50ppm), nutes, lack of oxygen, and/or high temps. The water is running at 76F with no signs of bacteria for two days now... I know it wants to come back though.
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