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    Here is a forum for us to post the most important Hash Church information, in regards to photos, papers, science, Bio assay, etc.. It can all go into this forum

    Bubble man

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    on the latest hash church Dec.20th, #65 i think. Horatio mentions certain elements of Cannabis being allergic to him, i was wondering if he has thought of trying to use a centrifuge to attempt a further separation of the elements and find and eliminate the allergic component while still in the liquid faze after coming out of his distillation setup? maybe a heated centrifuge could separate it out to the point he can identify the allergen and eliminate it. Please pass this along to him as i have no way of contacting him as i have no social media other than Hash Church Chat and we all know how hard that can be sometimes to get an answer but i will bring it up in the chat on the next Church. As always, Thanks Bubbleman for hosting Hash Church each week, i know its a sacrifice to your family and personal free time but it truly is a blessing for people like me stuck in middle America with no other access to quality information like that which you provide. Happy Holidays Bro! see ya at Church

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