This run was done with some "L.A. Cheese" and unfortunately I had decided to use less bags in order to speed up drain time.
The bags I used were: 25, 45, 120, 190, 220
Durring this run I had not fully attained the necessary materials to make a quality run(Good Spayer, "Actual" Work Bag, and proper "Drainage System")
Not exactly sure how much Material I ran but as of now I still have not weight the final product.

Unfortunately it does not fully melt, but the color looks great. Guess this isn't a hash strain. I know I did wrong buy not throwing in the 70 and 90's bags but I will do that in the future, learning slowly but hopefully will be producing quality bubble! On to why it doesn't melt and why hash comes out this way I'd like to know why and possibly avoid this in the future.