I am an AZ state licensed MMJ patient, but live too close to dispensaries to grow my own. (25 mile rule, calculated "as the crow flies.") My AZ state licensed caregiver is a self-proclaimed "crazy old hippie" who lives in the rare air and natural mountain wilderness of eastern AZ. When I was up there, his buddy, who has won some awards in AZ for the quality and care of his grows said "This guy is the best grower in the state." I asked my guy why he's never entered into any competitions. He said "It ain't about being the best grower, for me. It's about providing the best medicine, best NATURAL medicine, that i can for my patients...my friends." Not "AND" my friends. He really is an old soul just trying to help AZ state licensed MMJ patients get relief from the symptoms of their maladies. Even though I've only known him for a few months, he really treats me like family. I am truly grateful to have found this guy. The sad part in all this is that the only reason he was able to take me on is because one of his patients passed on. R.I.P. Ralph. FWIW, these are not my plants...yet. These are a month or more out of harvest. This is a Kush hybrid, but I don't remember what else is in it. He grows entirely pesticide free, and mostly organic. Also, I'm not a photographer, so I forgot to clean the lens. Getting good, close-up, in focus shots isn't something I'm very skilled at. Thank gahd for digital storage.

The plan, to start, is a dry/static sift. Probably make edibles with what's left over. I'm trying to minimize the crap that gets pulled into my lungs. I'd like to add bubble extraction in between sift and baked goods, and that's why I'm here.
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