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    Cool I am Sleepy Connoisseur


    I am Sleepy Connoisseur. Here's a little bit about me.

    On November 16, 2012, my life changed forever. Colorado had just legalized recreational cannabis. I rode my bike over to my buddy Kyle's house as fast as I could with the good news!

    We spent the whole night drawing out our plan. I even quit smoking—for the most part—just so I wouldn't get in trouble and ruin my plans with legal woes. In May of 2015, I made my move from Boise, Idaho to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He moved to Fort Collins, Colorado in February '16.

    Kyle's just a smoker, but I aspired to be something better. Ever since the news in 2012, I've spent an average of 10 hours a week researching cannabis on some level.

    However, I was greatly disappointed in what I found on YouTube during my research. A bunch of people with prohibition-mindsets with no science to back up their claims... until I found this video. Who was this man? He had so much passion and scientific information, I could never get enough. (Side note: hash bean, if you ever stumble upon this post, I owe you everything. Thank you for uploading this.)

    I consider myself a true disciple of Bubbleman. Bubbleman's World, John Berfelo's YouTube channel, and so many great panel members on Hash Church have totally transformed my thinking.

    A lot of good things have happened from expanding my horizons. A few months ago, I gave up smoking flower thanks to Bubz. I now exclusively vape solvent-free concentrates on my Sapphire/SiC/Quartz Halos from D-Nail. I will even go so far as to credit Dr. Mark Scialdone for getting me into college. Seeing his intellect in action convinced me to dedicate my life to science.

    Currently, I am pursuing the following degrees. I'll list them here just in case any of you fine folks are part of these academic communities and can provide me with any direction.

    • Bioinformatics, Postdoctoral Research
    • Pharmaceutical Science, PhD
    • Biostatistics (Emphasis in Statistical Genetics and Genomics), MS
    • Biology (Emphasis in Biomedical Sciences), BS
    • Chemistry, Minor

    I think I've taken up enough of your time for now. Thank you for getting to know me and I look forward to interacting with the amazing members of this close-knit community.

    JAH provides,
    Sleepy Connoisseur

    P.S. Thank you, Bubbleman, for introducing me to your world.
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