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Thread: Barneys Farms Critical Kush.....any tries?

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    Default Barneys Farms Critical Kush.....any tries? to forums. So forgive if i use improper etiquette is used, still learnin ropes. Wondering if anyone has done a fresh frozen run on this strain....grew nice and triched. Grew it for the higher CBD %. Though the THC seems more then ample from previous samplings.
    Im in flush and a week from harvest. Would think this strain would make great meds as bubble. Heads all appear very uniform in size. Looking to run 4 "mildly" scrogged plants.
    Thanks in advance for any info on runnin this strain.

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    hi fellow heads....ran 100 grams fresh frozen of this strain today....posted a couple picks in album....havnt figured out how to here yet. plant came down a week early id say due to space i froze all usable nugs and trim. cant wait to run remainder....i did do an 8 bag hand mix.....90 bag almost empty...73 fullest.....45 came in second followed by the 120, 160 finally the 25....i harvest 3 more in a week....will run 2 full.....see if ratio changes
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    well....i know not the final weight.....some cats stopped by and we used what had been dryin to roll hashpaper joints. surprisingly....after 3 days dry, the 120 was the most shimmering...running last of early cut critical kush tomorrow....about 600 grams wet weight frozen....probably gonna use machine.

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    2015-09-20 19.23.09.jpg
    3 bags 200 grams wet each.....cant we go
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    well.....power outtage last night about 3 min into first of the down sides to livin near 300' tall trees and high winds.....dumped entire contents into ziplock.....frozen bag and all....wasnt sure what else to do....anyone think that batch still runable?
    regroup and try again today.

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    started runnin a batch...1st one hand churned for me....last 2 in machine....fingers crossed on power....first pull down....all heads 90 to 45 now....fresh frozen whole new animal....couple picks of 73 and 45....gotta get digital scope!!!2015-09-21 13.48.54.jpg2015-09-21 13.48.05.jpg
    so sticky...thinkin bout mrat grinder option.....well back to the hash cave.

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    seems odd....2 seperate runs....same plant....first 100 gram test 120 was winner....heads shrinking as freezing?....first test in freezer about 24 hours....this batch a few days...any science behing this......wondering what dried and cured run diff would be?
    dont know much about critical mass strain...and we are up to our necks here in "kush" in humboldt.....soumds like another test needed.

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    ha! appears im talkin to myself here....this why we dont come outta the woods here in nohum. Nice meetin none of out!

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    I have done a few critical runs and its sweet almost white but not "kushy" enough like the pink kush or even the purple kush. But then again it depends on the pheno you are using. It is fullmelt as long as it has grown to full maturity and has been done " selon les règles de l'art". Good stuff but not my favorite. Just noticed the date...oh well only a year late!

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