I'v wake up this morning with a e-mail from here wishing me a good Birthday so i tought it could be a good idea to leave a message.

We all knew Subcool had a lot troubles before he pass away . I first saw his seeds in a weed world mag . TGA catched my attention as they offered an unique blend of genetic . I liked his organic way to produce indoor , the sharing of info and experiences . One day hanging at a shop in my town i asked them to carry TGA Chernobyl as it was something a lot talked about as something special. Few weeks later i was in possesion of Few 5 pack of Pandora's box and 1 10 pack of Chernobyl. For the few that know me they may have notice i got away for somes years after personals troubles but i'm back the hands into dirt/coco.So back to thoses seeds .After sitting in my fridge for somes years , I took them off the day i learned Subcool died. The time i finish my 1rst run in 3 years , the Chernobyl was comming out the dirt . Real great plants that remind me of genetics at the base of so many today's offering. I got 1 mini Nl looking plant, 1 purple framed with buds like a silver haze smelling like mango, peach ,1 seem to be like a Trainwreck with a camphor resin smell and a last 1 like what i imagine to be a kerala/haze /NL . To me the fun is mostly to grow and i had a lot with thoses seeds! Clones of the 3 biggest females have be keep for further investigation and i partly pollinated every females with my magic finger tip

Making seeds from the best , sharing them so others can enjoy like you that food or smoke . I dont pretend to be a breeder using advance techniques .I breed for my own need and share the result with friends . Been a beekeeper i breed my own queens too . While in cannabis a lot like to use 1 male to test on each females, the Queen got fun with many males in nature. Insemination can be used to get only 1 male semen . I let the Queen have fun Some pollen have be collected separatly but i'v apply pollen mixed on each females just to keep the most of the 7 total seeds that grew.

As the harvest is comming soon there will be no smoke report till next month if i dont forget ... Growing Chernobyl while there is a pandemic was a great experience . A name came to me: The Exclusion Zone . Thank you Subcool for all you shared , may we pass to others like you did with us.