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Thread: The Canna-Fudge Thread

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    Default The Canna-Fudge Thread

    Next up on the list of cannabis-yummies, fudge!

    Again a simple recipie, start with basic canna-butter (found here: , thx Cici and CC), and fudge it up.

    Yukon-Newfie's Canna Fudge
    September 4th, 2009
    1/2 cup cannabutter
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1 package of chocolate chips (the darker the better)
    1 package marshmallows

    Melt all ingredients together slowly stirring constantly on low heat (in a double boiler if you have one), marshmallows last.
    Line a pan with tin foil (or wax paper, or press & seal, sticky side down), pour into pan and put in fridge to cool faster.
    Cut into bite size pieces when cool (about 1X1 inch) and store in a tightly sealed container in the fridge.
    This recipe is very chewy and if you have teeth issues, use 1/2 the amount of marshamallows.

    Thx to my better half for the recipie contribution. On with the photos!

    In the photo'd batch, we used some old colored marshmallows that didn't completely melt down, but it was still yummy. I highly reccomend using fresh white marshmallows in this recipie
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    dammnnnn those look delicious. Very nice recipe

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    Nice YGB. Looks beauty. I Made some Chocolate chip bannana bread the other night using a cup of cannabutter. It was my first experience using edibles and it got me fucked, maybe a little too fucked. I had to crash on the couch rather that hit the highyway to drive home. Safety first hehe. Now i only eat like 3 slices and im smiley for a few hrs. Instead of a whole bread pan size cake on an empty stomach. What make it Newfie fudge? Because Im a Newfie!

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    Very nice Yukon...... I will have to give than one a try next time I do butter. thanks for sharing

    and yes bingo... you prolly should only have a slice or 2. The whole cake LOL

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    awesome thread YBG, made some canna fudge today MMMMMM
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