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Thread: some killer hash

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    Default some killer hash

    what up dudes. just made some hash. used a combo of my fav strains.

    mass super skunk x sour bubble (sb dom, insane frost... smells of sour d n curry)

    pcp aka personal consumption plant - (no namer og kush of mine smells of kush n little diesel)

    bodhi seeds little blessings 5 aka lb5 (purple kush x (dj short flo x bubba) smells of bubba spices n tiny bits of fruit. complex.

    chem d

    and lastly breeder brads gorilla grape lemon swiss dominant pheno. i dont have a picture but its insane lemon bad ass.

    now on with the show!

    first a 1hr ice cool down befor i even throw the trim in. the trim i have sitting next to the freezer fan atm, getting it extra cold lol.

    now i strain out the old ice, replace with new ice. then add the trim. i like sharp jagged ice. also i always stick my bucket in another bucket full of ice. that way its super cold.

    5gal with a 220 bag in a keg bucket with ice.

    the trim broken up. lookin real cold...

    hand stir for 12min with a metal bbq spachula n then time for a 40min set time.


    left to right 45, 73, 90

    45u is the big blob. the tiny blob above it is 73. i accidently drained my 90 over the bucket instead of in the 73 so i lost alot lol.

    and a shot of it all. the dark shit on top is the 120. i dont use the other bags. i just start with that 1. then it goes in order down, i did a double run with the 25u so that pile o green shit on the right is the double pass 25

    thanks for stoppin in


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    lets see that shit bubble!
    Subtle is the Lord, Malicious He is not.

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    ill bust out some bubbly shots soon
    thanks for stoppin in


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    real nice operation you have there amigo

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    wow thanks for reminding us all what this site is all about mini.
    Havent seen many bubble posts in a long time.

    Thanks for sharing i can tell your trim/ bubble is of exceptional quality.

    Look foreward to see it dry and melting...

    Bubble man

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    Default ????

    what would you recommend as the optimum environment for now drying the material? I recently moved to an extremely moist climate and I all ready fear drying might become an issue. Normally, I would just leave it on cardboard for a week or so. I'm afraid mold could occur at my new place. What do you recommend? Dehumidifier? AC? Please help. Anyone and everyone. I haven't seen a bubble thread in awhile so I jumped on the opportunity to ask. thanks in advance.

    ps- really nice job! i like the bucket in the bucket as well. nice addition. i love hand mixing as well.

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    put it near your water heater perhaps? that way it can be near dryness vs humidity. thats my only idea lol

    thanks for droppin in everyone!!


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    fucking killer man i must say great job
    cant wait too see finished product

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    great job dude, and yes the trim looks nice n frosty,
    cant wait see fullmelt

    cheers Mozz
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    thanks for stoppin in dudes. i cant wait to full melt it either. ima spring for some screens

    25 u is the 2 globs on the left, the 45, 73 and 90 are the 2 globs in the middle. i squished my 73 glob with the 90 cus they are both fire. plus i only had a little 73 cus im an idiot n spilled a bag. then we got a 120 crap bag on the far right.

    45 on the left, then the 73,90 glob on the right



    the fuckin dank ass 90/73 mix


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