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Thread: Full Melt Genes

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    Does full melt mean there is no residue left? Is there another term for when it bubbles profusely or domes? Does anyone use buds to make hash or is this for trim only?

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    am wondering if anyone has used the strains
    trainwreck or dynamite(blue dynamite)
    for bubblemaking.
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    no macros, sorry, I'm trying to figure out my camera situation; but a grape ape clone I recently received out of colorado makes some of the finest clear headed full melt i've made to date.

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    Here is some mixed hash being solartoked!
    Its very melty bubble.
    A mix of GreenCrack, PurpleRomulan, and BlueberryKush.
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    Here is a nice Purple Kush plant that makes very good full melt!
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    Default Casey Jones

    I dont have a camera but casey jones makes a wonderful full melt, ill try to get a shot of it in action
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    Ordering a bubblebox today and I harvest some whiteberry in 3 weeks. Unfortunately Im not going to cure it before I make the resin powder. I'll probly do it after a week of hang drying. The whiteberry is a blueberry and afghani hashplant. EDIT: These pictures are day 35 bloom.

    I harvested one whiteberry last night at 50 days. Got about 20g sugarleaf and popcorn nugs and im estimating 50g smokeable buds. Jar curing the trim for 2 weeks before I run it in the bubblebox. Can't wait till its here.
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    just did a few runs... Green Crack, Blue Dream and a mixed run of both plus a few others. pix to follow. the bluedream smells amazing!
    ps super stoked for the next bacth.. all purple kush.

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    LTBB mentioned processing in various different ways. Can you start a new thread on that topic? Very interested in processing techniques. Will a mix of strains FMB???

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    Wow what an amazing thread you have here. I especially appreciate the posts that actually included photos of the FMB hash melting like the thread asks of you to prove that the strains can actually achieve full melt.

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