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Thread: Best vaporizer

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    Close to the trich's of couse :-)


    Quote Originally Posted by ms.sogarmy View Post
    I have not been able to successfully get good tokes of bubble out of the ver damper. The element is not close enough to do anything. I am interested in Bman's vap as it has an attachment that can vap bubble hash.
    Do you just attach it to roor or what? A bit confused here :-) now i just need that portable vaping solution....
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    I GOT MY BRAND NEW EXTREME FOR 175. woah caps sorry.

    the extreme is better than a volcano

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    hands down best vaporizer in the history of vaping has got to be the purple days
    they like ranch i dip

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    full melt could i please have a pic of your setup? it sounds breathetaking....

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    I have the vapor tower glass on glass vape and I am very happy with it.

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    [send australian bubblebag an email link me to my first try of this brand,after a try drove over the mountain rds in queensland instead of the usual mortorway thank goodness for that big bag of personal.oh yeah i was on my way to the pacific ocean for a family holiday at noosa heads had my first chillum from S A40years ago ..unhealthy get that vapourizerquote=Dollar;4265]Lets hear it.. whats your favorite

    No volcanos.[/quote]

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    like to write that again in morning,you will be heahtier with pure.vapour

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    The ver damper is my favorite,

    I have been looking at the hot glass vape, seams like a good alternative

    And why does the volcano get a bad rep.

    It does what it does well. It is very durable, great for almost any situation, and the entire unit can be cleaned and transported with great ease, making it excellent for camping and taking to hotel rooms and such.

    I know you all are pretty much glass purists, which i understand completely,(thats why my fave is the ver damper)

    but what you lose in flavor from the bags using a volcano is made up on many other levels. Great product for the money.
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    Default Herborizer FTW

    1. volcano has plastic/rubber and metal parts in the vapor stream. I don't want to inhale hot plastic and metal vapors.

    2. vocano bagged hits feel like stale smoke in the lungs (imo) and make me cough

    3. once you start a load in the volcano, you must use all of the load once you turn it on

    4. for what they are, a volcano is priced waaaaaay to high

    I vaporize with a Herborizer.

    Its a beautiful stemless natural perc'd tube. Which means that you can throw an 18mm bowl on it and smoke normally if you wish. Use the supplied herb bowl/chamber and the heat injector and you get a vaporizing experience that is as close to smoking on a tube as I could find.

    Very similar to the Verdamper (but not as big and bulky) in hits. Maybe its just me, but I find that with both the Herborizer and the Verdamper that my herb tastes pretty good untill its bitched, giving thick milky vapor along the way.

    I can load my Herborizer, turn it on and leave it sit all day if I want before hitting it, and it waits patiently for me. It only heats the herb when you begin to draw air through it. Take a pull, set it down for an hr, and its still good to go as soon as I hit it.

    Herborizer is great for herb, or dry sift sprinkled on some spent herb. So-so for the very dryest of bubblehash (it does seem like a waste). Not suitable for vaping solvent extracted concentrates.

    I will probably get a Verdamper @ some point as well, when I can find a table or closet to dedicate to it. Lovely device, but big
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    hey guys, this is my first time posting but ive been a long time lurker. i as many others am a member of the vapor community (my name is minnesnowta over there) so it surprises me that no one has even mentioned the Vriptech Vapor heat wand. i havent got to use a verdamper or an herbolizer but this is one of the few all glass vaporizers. looks almost like a soldering iron with a ceramic element but then they make a one piece heater cover that closeoff the element so its a 100% glass vapor path. if you guys havent checked it out do so you will be impressed. i have never been a big fan of whips because of the loss of taste. and i also own a Purple days which is an amazing little unit that does amazing things as far as conservation is concerned.

    milk vid:
    web site:

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