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Thread: Best vaporizer

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    The volcano is a boss, period paragraph.

    Edit: not the easy valve one, the one where you can make your bags like 6 ft.

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    Love the volcano for parties and groups. It lacks in the taste department compared to the Hotglass or Glass Vape though. The Glass Vape is best because no power is necessary. it can be used anywhere. Peace GS
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    The volcano does have this attatchment where concentrates and other things can be used. The taste is wonderful and will make said 6ft bag milky. Perfect for parties or watching a movie with your significant other.
    I have never used the glass vape, but have used various whips and the purple days. Volcano is still boss IMO

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    De Verdamper for me man. I'll have to try the glass vape. As GS said volcano is good for parties.

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    I recently bought myself a Arizer Solo and have been using the thing non-stop. It hits as good as many electric vapes and the taste is great too. Perfect for use on the couch and at home as you can just park and use it anywhere.

    picture and specs: Arizer Solo

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