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    I've been sifting kief from some work and the subsequent shake lately in my recently purchased sift box. My question pertains to to the grade of kief I'm harvesting from the product.
    My box has two screens, one 120 mesh one 100 mesh. I'm getting a very fine, fluffy blonde kief, which is obviously the superior product, and then the first screen seems to be yielding mostly only the fine fine hairs, and some very small particles. The hairy yield is sort of orangeish with some blonde mixed in. What do you guys think about the fine hairs off of the plant? I have about a gram of this material, don't really know how I feel about it.
    How potent is the mostly hair kief, especially compared to bud, or the finer kief I'm getting?

    Thanks FMB.

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    The hairs and things are not what you are looking for, its the trichome glands.

    You can purchase a little pocket microscope from radio shack or online for under 10 usd.

    With it you can see the trichomes and what is and is not falling through your screen.

    The stuff that sits on the middle screen is not going to be as good as whats on you bottom tray.

    You can take the stuff from your bottom tray and re sieve it to get a more pure product.

    Many factors come into play when dry sieving,

    -humidity- the higher the more likely the trikes will break and become sticky clogging your screen

    how firm you press the material onto the screen is a factor as well. the lighter you move the material over the screen the better the end product.

    Also the size of the trikes on the plant itself, sometime the heads are larger and sometimes not.

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    ^^i believe that what you want to smoke is on the 100u screen. and what falls below is smaller particles and dust. however i could be wrong...but this is what i read for when using the bubblebox.

    why dont ya just smoke the lower grade and see how it is??? it sure as hell wont have any more detrimental effects than the bud it came from and i can tell you that it will probably be stronger in high than the plain unextracted bud.

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    The bubble box has even smaller than that so i was correct with my previous statement

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