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    wow so in the past week ive had 3 dmt sessions (previously had only smoked twice before, both breakthroughs)

    tonight was by far the craziest

    i started with a small hit just to get things going

    few minutes later, took another to try and dig a little deeper....nothing, not enough

    so i load up some more and take a little bit bigger of a hit....woooopps to big!!! breaking through as i lay back

    lay on the ground with my eyes closed, head moving side to side and seeing all these jungle vines criss-crossing in front of me, with an ever changing foreign alphabet strewn in between the vines

    then i felt like i was buried 10 feet underground (or underwater??) and i had some mystical fairies "watering" me on all sides as if i was a plant. then out of no where, this VERY disturbing old man looking gnome presence came in and walked a circle around me. i was very scared for a second, but he left. (first time i ever seen some "gnome" on dmt, and he was tall! not short)

    i came out of this state completely bewildered. my cat came over and i played with him for a little bit. so crazy interacting with an animal while on dmt. he seemed like a little tiger baby! very ferocious, lol.

    so then i thought it would be a good idea to smoke the remainder of the resin that was in the pipe. i just wanted a little blast to see some patterns and leave the session on a good note.

    well i took too big of a hit again (anticipating that i would need a larger hit due to tolerance) and this time i was immediately greeted with a WALL. now i couldnt see anything but i was hit with an incredible presence of the same watering ladies. and they were telling me to go away and how ridiculously naive i was trying to reach the same space again. i could NOT stop thinking how badly i wanted the trip to be over now.

    then i went into one of the most analytical stages of my entire life. i thought to myself "im gonna give the rest of this away so someone else can experience it (and so i dont have to have any more weird trips)"

    then i just got to thinking about money. and how people sell dmt, lsd, mushrooms when really these drugs are all about expanding your conscienceness. i suddenly could not IMAGINE paying for any psychadelics, and i couldnt stop thinking about the kid I bought the dmt off of.

    then i started thinking why do any of us like money? it is the driving force of humanity. i almost come to the conclusion that the reason humans have evolved beyond other animals was the invention of currency and thus the resulting battle. (still thinking on this one)

    i dont think im going to smoke anymore for quite some time. my previous 2 trips were spaced a year apart, and these 3 sessions in one week has really hung me out to dry so to speak.

    another weird thing is

    the first two trips, were totally hindu in feel, and sparked a curiosity in hinduism. on my first trip, my atman litterally merged with brahman, and i for the first time understood the term "one"
    (sorry if my terms are off its been a while since i studied up)

    but these last three trips, have felt totally aztec/mayan in nature. what with the vines, and weird south american chanting i heard....makes me wonder if my dmt was extracted from plants from different parts of the world

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    I know where you are coming from with the money thing, why not just abandon it and use hard honest work as a currency so we have one less thing to compete or fight about.
    I wondered what it would be like if my cat would've been there, i think that would've made my trip amazing.
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    he luckily walked over to me as i was coming down. i think during the plateu i probably would have not been able to tell it was my cat and thought it was some crazy creature haha

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    shatterwulf, after that post i was hoping to see a thoughtful sig.
    keep it up! along ur mental travels, a good idea i think, is to write a book about such experiences. peace darkcloud

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    Quote Originally Posted by zxzDarkCloudzxz View Post
    shatterwulf, after that post i was hoping to see a thoughtful sig.
    keep it up! along ur mental travels, a good idea i think, is to write a book about such experiences. peace darkcloud
    I actually ended up writing a trip report for the truly incredible experence I had that night, I'll post it up here; writing it out also really helped me contemplate what exactly had happened, and I'm still not sure what it all meant.

    The times I've given are in the minutes:seconds formats and are my best guesses for when everything happened, my perception of time was destroyed while tripping.

    As for the environment I was in for the dose. I was sitting in my living room at home, on the couch with my girlfriend (also and experienced psychonaut) who had dosed a similar amount, probably a little less since her lung capacity is a bit smaller than myself, just a few minutes before myself, we were both sitting on opposite sides of the couch facing towards each other so we could stretch out our legs and relax. Most of the lights in my house were off, with the exception of a lamp behind me (a neat 70s table/lamp combo I picked up at an estate sale) and some interior multicolored christmas lights strung above the doorway to the dining room (for the added festivities during the holidays, but we ended up keeping them up for psychedelics) that I was facing. On the TV we had playing this DVD I just recently bought called spotworks, it's mostly just trippy animation with light ambient/electronic, we had it set to show a loop of animations from the screensaver electric sheep, which just renders fractal flames.

    +0:00: I load a small stemless bubbler with between 30-40mg of DMT on top of a small bed of some pretty nice no name hydro I picked up last week. I hold the lighter lit slightly above the bowl and inhale to start to vaporize the DMT, and after about half the hit, bring the lighter down to light the whole bowl. It takes me three hits I think until the dose starts to hit me; and the idea of holding the pipe, much less hitting it again, feels very out of the question.

    +0:30: My eyes begin to vibrate as well as most everything inside my vision, the pipe, my coffee table, the television, and even inside my body all begin to vibrate with a seemingly same frequency.

    +0:45: I feel the DMT really grab me, at this point, it feels like salvia, but many millions of times more beautiful, colors have become vivid beyond belief.

    +1:00: I have a very hard time to accept everything that I am seeing as actual reality, even though DMT has me by the balls, I feel very apprehensive of everything; I feel that nothing could be this incredible, or this beautiful. I close my eyes for a moment and I see the most incredible visuals I've ever seen, fractals more intricate than I could ever imagine, colors I've never before experienced, brighter than I've ever seen.

    +1:45: I open my eyes again. My fear and apprehension melts away with the beauty of what became the beginning of my peak. I look at the television and the fractals showing on the screen and they are of a brightness and color that I have never before experienced. Things are more colorful, vivid, and beautiful than I could ever describe.

    +2:30: I look away from the television at my eyes are drawn to the brightness of the christmas lights in the dining room. They become brighter and brighter, until they seem to burst into flames of incredibly vivid and complex color. I cannot stand the intensity of their color and beauty any longer and I look away, closing my eyes putting my face sort of into the couch; and I immediately feel far away from my living room, in a place (I couldn't tell if it was enclosed or not, but it was incredibly large) covered in patterns so intricate I couldn't even describe.

    +3:30: I see a face enter my field of vision, it appears to be some sort of chinese Buddha, or ancient eastern teacher. The face looks like it is made out of something like molten silver flecked with bright reds and greens, but many more times brighter than anything I've ever seen before. I cannot describe how, but it feels like the face is looking into or down onto me, like it's viewing me inside a box or container, but this does not bother me, because the face is looking at me with an expression on it's face of what feels like pure compassion, pure love, and pure acceptance. He looks like he is proud of me, and this brings feelings of joy inside my soul far greater than anything I could ever describe. I feel like I am in this place for between 30 minutes and an hour, it felt almost as if time had stopped, as if I was beyond time itself.

    +4:30: I open my eyes and see my living room as I had once seen it, but my whole body is tingling, still feeling the reverberations of the vibration I had felt earlier. My brain feels relaxed, and I feel incredible, and most surprisingly, I feel very close to sober.

    +6:00 I feel about 90% back to baseline, but much more relaxed than I began the evening. The only thing remaining from the trip is a slight tingling in my arms a legs, but it's a very relaxing feeling.
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    i just posted on my expirience it was quite wonderful.

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    I heard Ayahuasca is the same as DMT but its healthier. Its in a tea form but it gives the same trip
    When my friend tried he said its the same trip.

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    what ever happend to the full melt dry sift the backround image of this site is lit

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