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Thread: Jam In The Dam 2010

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    Default Jam In The Dam 2010

    Is anyone else planning on going to the upcoming JAM IN THE 'DAM in March of 2010??? Shit is gunna be epic. It'd be even better with some fellow fullmeltbubblers.. What up, whos going????!!!??? for those of you who don't know whats up with it, Its a 3 day festival in Amsterdam featuring The Bridge, Younder Mountain String Band, Les Claypool, UMPHREYS MCGEE!!! and The New Mastersounds are so far on the list...March 21-23 and for anyone going I've been told to arrive a few days early and stay a few days after. check out
    Peace bruddas and sistas,

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    I guess no one else is going?!?!?! check it out people it's gunn abe a sick 3 days of music and the kine

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    I like the idea of heading to am sterdam in nicer weather for a great three day concert... but damn... maybe they will an nounce a few more bands....

    like PHISH>... damn would i be there in a heartbeat....

    Bubble man

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    I know the line-up right now is so scarce and they need to get on adding the rest of the bands or signing some more quick if they want people to plan on this. Im a big fan of Umphreys and Yonder and Im traveling with my homie whos cousin is in the Bridge. Phish would be fucking off the chain...

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    Propose the idea of Phish bubbleman email the contact info at jam in the dam... see what they say

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    oooooo. les claypool

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    I love the shit outof YMSB!

    N les always amazes,

    Cant afford atrip oversees again soon though unfortunately.

    Would love to go to jam cruise.

    Phish is gonna be in cinci on the 21st.

    Not to far from my neck o da wood

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    cant make it that far....but cant wait to catch les here in the city on NYE!!

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    I would love to go there but I think I'll just save my money for Rothbury 2010. I heard String Cheese is getting together for a reunion tour for the summer/fall 2010 season so watch out for that. Yonder Mtn. would be enough for me to go to the 'Dam if they put it down like they did at Roth this year. You are soooo lucky my friend!

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    Rothbury was the shitttt and I wanna do Jam Cruise too, but Im picking carefully. Pretty lights would be my reason for Jam Cruise. It definitley got cheesy at Rothbury this year and I had my best 4th of July every rolling to the dead and sts9

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