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Thread: Hash bash sunday the 6th

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    Default Hash bash sunday the 6th

    I'll be there with the Glass Vape. Stop by and say High. Give the Glass vape a try!! look for the dude with the butane torch and tube/hooka setup

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    What are you talking about?

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    Wish I could visit you Hazedaze! Have fun buddy!

    Ill have to put some 2 year cure hash into my glass on glass!
    Respect! Thanks again for everything!

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    man that party was a blast 500+ showed up... massive amounts of full melt were handed out and consumed !! and the Glass Vape was out in Full force... Quite a few came back and told me that the Glass Vape hit was the best hit they had all night!

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    sounds awesome man
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    smoke dank!

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