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Thread: cinnamon & honey

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    Clover honey is good, mint is not.. I have a friend that is a bee keeper I'll ask him next time I see him. All I know is that he told me about how his bee's got into a peppermint patch and the honey was almost uneatable. Also the honey will be different colors, or shades of gold, and of different opaqueness. I have some golden clear honey and some almost white opaque honey.

    Bee's are truly unique and so is honey. It's as if honey was made for us or we were made for honey.

    Save the bee's, save the world!

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    After reading this article I actually went and purchased a bottle of clover honey.. kept getting the munchies and the honey quickly disappeared, I am now thinking of beekeeping. ;D

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    Haha, im definatly going to stock up on honey and cinnamin,
    very informative article btw, thanks!
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    Wow good post, very practical may I add, one of my cousins actually owns a nut and honey farm in Cali, always get fresh honey shipped in and nuts all natural and organic very good snack option compared to some other things.


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    Great thread, very interesting read indeed.
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    Very,.....Very Good information Thank You
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    I have considered beekeeping too, no joke. my goal is to get a small organic veggie farm going on, along with honey and blackberries...

    i would like to read more about it's medicinal quality... what is your source?

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