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Thread: The Official FMB Blunt/Joint Thread!

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    I like to roll hash joints. So this thread can stay!!!!!

    I know its a waste of high grade powder bubble hash, but I love that taste.

    Key notes when smoking a killer hash joint..........
    Smoke with the cherry facing the ground. ( This should be done when smoking any good weed)
    This will force the resin toward the heat when it begins to melt, forcing it to vaporize.
    Take really slow long tokes.
    Ive rolled hash joints that put down 10 people before!
    Ive rolled 50% bubble with 50%ganja, but that is a real waste.

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    Snowboard joints.............I roll joints with 1inch to 1 and half inch filters.
    All you need is a couple tokes when your in heaven.

    Snowboarding in 15cm of new powder today!!!!!

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    How do you roll your hash joints OUtdoor? Do you roll the has in aper, or make a paper out of the hash? ...such has been done by hashbean and there are instructional videos on how-to, but I am interested in hearing other methods of rolling hash

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripps View Post
    Psychedelics are not rolled up paper. There is no comparison there.
    but they come on paper
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    Man some people obviously have never smoked a hash blunt, or even a blunt laced with hash. Glass is awesome but there is always going to be a part of me that loves a fat honey dutchy. Why hate on blunts?

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    Has anyone ever smoked a 3rd generation blunt?
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    its probably a combination of my past expirences and the inefficency factor

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    I roll the powder bubble hash right into the herb, mix it up before rolling.
    I roll pressed hash into long thin snakes and put in the middle of a good size joint......not a fatty, but cant be a pinner either.

    My favorite joint is Sweetskunk with about 25%powder hash, then roll the joint on 6week flowering Purple Kush buds in the grow room, get her good and greasy, then light it up and share with your friends!

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    Ahhh I've done the snake before and thrown it in the middle of some buds and light up, as well as sprinkling crumbles/powder in my herbs. Always a good time, definitley to be had with good friends.

    Cant hate on the dutches, those who don't have enough herb just cant touch 'em. It like a fine bitch, the only ones crying and ever tried 'em... 3 blunts deep roll another one later, stack em all away and come back later, roll up a third generation when you aint got no paper.

    Thought I'd hit a lil freestyle for y'all

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