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Thread: fullmelt kief (drysift)

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    Default fullmelt kief (drysift)

    more fullmelt kief i cleaned up with the bubblebox. i ran a joints cherry over it to show the melty properties

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    hello doobiehuffer,

    nice pics! the bubblebox itīs a screen system? o itīs like pollinator/tumbler system?

    I use an okief tumbler and the results are great for me, runs about 4 minuts the result also is very clear and nice heads, did you use something similar?

    regards and good vives.

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    The bubblebox is the first Multi screen dry sift box......

    I got the idea years ago when a friend of mine gypsy nirvana started doing a kief box.
    I told him several times.. you should really add another screen to that box.. maybe even two..
    to not only allow for extraction.. but also in order to allow for you to clean up what you've extracted using tighter meshed screens.

    Great job doobie... that looks extremly pure... very nice to see...

    Bubble man

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    does bubblemans product line offer a tumbler?
    ive actually never heard of that and it seems interesting

    EDIT: LOL thx BMan!!
    RooR, Talon, Stone GW, ROo, eL Hefe, fLO

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    thanks for the kind words susantidad and Bubbleman. sorry i can only magnify for now hehe its a choice between cellphone camera or 200x usb microscope. for people wondering that kief was produced entirely with the box shown above bubblemans BUBBLE BOX.

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    Default more melting action :)

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    heres some stuff ive been puffing on its still full melt but more for yeild rough carding on screen set(not my cleanest) still super pure and golden/sparkly to naked eye on both the 107 and 70 peace. oh ya its all one strain this time master kush


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