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Thread: Chipotle Pork Stew

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    Default Chipotle Pork Stew

    So after seeing YBG's recipe threads, I realized posting a recipe without pics will not suffice. I usually forget to take pictures, but this time I did.

    Now, this particular recipe does no call for any sort of THC, but I imagine many of you out there are crafty enough to devise a way to add THC.

    This recipe is for Chipotle Pork Stew. You can adjust the spiciness by how many chipotle chile's you use, 5 will be VERY spicy. It's easy to make, little prep, crock pot for 3 hrs, and your done. Living in the southwest, I come across alot of Mexican recipe's, so this one I'll share.

    What you'll need:

    2 tablespoons olive or vegetable oil
    1 1/2 pounds boneless pork shoulder, cut into one-inch cubes
    2 medium onions, diced
    1 (12-ounce) bottle or can beer
    3 to 5 chipotle peppers in adobo sauce plus 3 tablespoons adobo sauce
    2 teaspoons ground cumin, or to taste
    Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

    So, first thing is first...prep. Cut up your pork shoulder into roughly one inch cubes, needn't be exact:

    Next, give a the onion a rough chop:

    Take a skillet or pan, on medium-high heat, add oil, and cook pork until brown on all sides. Roughly 10 minutes:

    Take your chopped onions and in the same pan, sautee the onions till the edges brown:

    Next, take your chipotle chiles(whole)***IMPORTANT NOTE: This recipe calls for 3-5 chile's, if you use 5 it will be VERY SPICY! If you don't want it very spicy, use two or three.

    Now, take a crock pot, like so:

    and add the pork, onions, and chiles, beer, cummin:

    Let it cook for 3 hrs:

    Soooo, after 3 hrs, it is looking delicious!!!!!!:

    So what do we do with this wonderful pork? Tacos! Just get some fresh cilantro, mexican cotija cheese, and avocado:

    Let me know if anyone tries this and what you think.
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    damn... looks good.

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    I am suddenly very very hungry......

    Adding THC to this should be pretty easy, there is some fat in with the pork for it to bind too, and the alcohol in the beer is also a possible carrier/disperser of THC, but it will evaporate pretty quickly.... You might just toss a few good sized fresh or dried buds into the crockpot along with the rest of the ingredients, but this method would tend to add more flavor than effect. If you could add a little cannabis infused fat (butter, olive oil, coconut oil) to the cooking recipie would be better for effect, but harder to homogenize into this kind of mixture.

    I think maybe making a nice guacamole with the avacado that includes some infused olive oil mixed in for the taco garnishing may be the better way to get the kick into this dinner. I might even throw a small amount of fresh frosty trim in with that cilantro, but that's just me. I have been known to enjoy some small buds in a nice salad occasionally.

    I'm a little nuts.... I might do all of that.... but many people find the effects of orally consumed cannabis to be:
    A) slow to come on
    B) very strong once in effect
    This can easily lead to taking more than is comfortable for some, so untill you have tested any of the methods I have suggested, its better to go low and slow untill you get a feel for cannabis edibles, and a particular recipie. This makes it harder to do a whole dinner (unless the goal is everyone sleeping, lol) but a cannabisized side condiment may be easier to control. (Or hide.. Brought yer own guacamole to the party huh? Nice tacos baby.)

    Nice recipie, and thanks for sharing.
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    Saute pork and onions in cannabutter, then add it to the crock pot after use...(use lots?)

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    id just be adding a recliner and a tube lol

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    I knew there were some crafty people here. I suppose you could always add a half stick of butter or more authentically Manteca(pure pork fat). And as YBG suggested, THC infused condiments.
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    and i just realized i put this in art and not cooking...damn!
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    IMO this is art! looks amazing! totally trying this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hieronymus Bosch View Post
    and i just realized i put this in art and not cooking...damn!

    No worries... I moved it to the cooking section. Thanks for the recipe looks great!!!!!

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    i don't mean to sound like a hippy but those carcass images are graphic. I almost vomited. KEEP IT ITAL! Run pig, run for your life.

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